How to uplevel your vibration & awareness to create success & abundance with Glyn Thomas

Last week we had the amazing Glyn Thomas join us for a super heart opening Masterclass,

Sharing how to up level our vibration & awareness, to create success and abundance.

We learned a number of key elements …

  • What it looks like to be aligned energetically to your success, and how to create it for your business
  • How to actually release deep blocks to abundance and success, so your actions create magic and manifestation
  • How only relying on willpower and strategy can block your abundance, and how to amplify your results by embodying your message, and connecting to your high vibe state
  • The limitation of mindset work, and how to get your emotional state into working in alignment with you
  • How connecting to your soul/light, is the ultimate version of empowerment and magnetic creation

Glyn is an energy healer, and guide for true happiness and success.

His work is deep and profoundly transformative.  Over the last 25 years, Glyn has dedicated himself to spiritual empowerment and evolution.  His energy healing gift has been mastered over the last 16 years, and his work helps you to embody your power and light, to create life on your terms.

We are always so excited to welcome him into The Freedom Era to share his light.

Here is a small INSIDER Peek at what he shared with us, and believe us when we say this is just a peek at the EPIC value we received!

You’ll need to come take a closer look for more.

When it comes to business, your main convincing strategy needs to be:-

“I love myself and accept myself, I am genuinely connected to my why and I am conscious as to how I am BE-ing”

++Make all the mistakes you need to make until you learn how to be more in alignment.

++Don’t make yourself wrong, because then you’re putting yourselves in vibrational alignment with the truth.

++Unconditional truth is that when we have someone else to help and we help them to be to be happy – we are happy.

++Unconditional Love is conditional responsibility.

So, when we talk about responsibility, we’re talking about a pathway to be our full self!

Self-trust is the key thing, because you can’t know what’s coming around the corner.

If you need to know what’s coming around the corner, before you step in, essentially, what you’re saying is you’re never going to step.

Self-trust comes from giving it a go and feeling things, having the courage to feel present with your feelings and your fears.

Glyn’s Top Three ‘Light Bombs’


Know Your Why – Your Values – Your Standards

Know also what lights you up and what energy is.


Your alignment of energy to your why, values and standards is connected to your courage and your presence,


Have Gratitude – Know the Gift of a Lesson – Self Responsibility

Be open to the lessons and the emotional, vibrational alignment and integrity of them. Celebrate and be thankful of your challenges.

In this vibrational state you will create magic, miracles and manifestations.

You get to rebirth time and time again and become more in alignment with yourSELF – it’s a constant evolution of many levels.  There is always a reflection opportunity.

Be in full trust and be present.

The essence of energetic alignment is the ability to be open to deep pain and suffering, and to know that external validations will never give you happiness.

In any challenge, don’t make yourself wrong….

You can always choose to expand through your contractions.