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Who are we?

The Freedom Era is an education and business platform designed to support you to build a high profit + high impact legacy business online with our 3 Pillars to Success.

Our vision is to create a community of people living the life of their dreams and BEING an inspiring example of what’s possible for others.

So, no matter if you’re a 9-5er, Corporate, Coach, Traditional Business Owner, Network Marketer, Mum, Dad or aspiring Entrepreneur; who’s obsessed with self-growth, living your best life and want to leave this world a better place – then welcome home!

Our 3 Pillars to Success


1. Use Social Media to grow an authentic Personal Brand because all have a unique voice, message and mission within us to share with the world. We support you to grow a brand online and utilise Attraction Marketing to grow your business.

2. Align with a High Profit – High Impact business model that does good for you, others and the planet. It gets you into profit quickly without the years of hustle, allows you to build a legacy and is already proven to work and convert.

3. Leverage Automation which allows your business to run in the background on done-for-you systems, providing you a freedom business.


The Freedom Era is your complete resource centre of everything you need to know to create multiple 6 and 7 figures profit in this space.

You’re already on Social Media – if you’re not building a brand, business and monetising your scroll time, eventually you will wish you had.

The best time to start building a brand online, was yesterday!

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Whats on the inside


  • We give you access to the highest converting offer that pays high ticket commissions of $350 – $5,000+ per sale so you can create a high profit and legacy income
  • We teach you everything you need to know about building a business using Social Media
  • Fully automated platform that gives you your own affiliate link landing pages, access to sales team, courses, mentorships and more for a fraction of the cost of traditional businesses


  • We bring you industry leading experts such as Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, Landon Stewart, Chris Stapleton, Melaine Ann Layer, Ben Simkin, Scott Oldford, Nicole Gibson and more.
  • Teaching you the key areas that will support you and your business from sales and marketing, business strategy, copywriting, leadership, social media, personal development and so much more.


  • Self-paced courses to support you in all things Money Mastery, Marketing 101, Sales Fundamentals, Facebook, Instagram and more.


  • A coaching process for you to dive into crafting your goals, vision and why
  • Learn more about out High Profit – High Impact offer
  • Book and have your sales call with your allocated advisor to make the best educated decision for yourself


Everything you need to launch your business from setting up the foundations, creating a game plan, a content calendar and daily routines to accelerate your online success – you are fully supported every step of the way and leveraging everything that is available.


  • Everything you need to promote and grow your business is already set up for you to leverage such as webinars, sales pages and checkout pages


  • We’re an epic community of high vibe entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, freedom seekers and your beautiful everyday person who are all about creating life on our terms so we can do more of what we love, with the people we love whilst making a huge impact on others and the planet.
  • THE FREEDOM ERA is your permission slip to create a thriving life and business for yourself and a home to find the soul aligned people you don’t even know you are seeking.

So beautifully organised and thought out, it truly is a space you just feel at home amongst the most loving, accepting humans. The energy is high, the fun is out of this world, the lessons and incredible value [are] phenomenal!! ❤️

– Katharine K Grasby 

So much fun, so much learning and growth and I get to hang out with sensational humans. The speakers are always amazing and top in the industry.

– Tahlia Jean

Everything has been put into detail. It’s a personal growth on steroids. It’s fun and entertaining. It’s transformative and activating. It’s high vibing energy and connection. They were a beautifully selected mix of business strategies, spiritually and personal development.

– Chantal U Koster 

The messages and content delivered has helped me to breakthrough to new levels of confidence in myself and my business.

– Andrea fox

 Imagine hundreds of the most soulful, generous, creative and caring people all with the common goal of helping humanity and this is only the tip of the iceberg! I

– Michelle Au Coleman

The love and support of this tribe is out of this world. [The Freedom Era] has helped me grow and embrace the true version of me. It has empowered me to be the best version of myself. This tribe believes and loves you even when you cannot see it in yourself.

– Tamara Luik



Give yourself full permission to embrace all of YOU, and leverage your shadows to embody full self expression!

Give yourself full permission to embrace all of YOU, and leverage your shadows to embody full self expression!

Dov & Nicole are consciousness mentors; channels; an incredible power couple; and alignment teachers for the new wave of change-makers looking to create every aspect of their life on purpose and through purpose.

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