An investment in knowledge

pays the best


– Benjamin Franklin

Exclusive Masterclass Vault

You are your greatest asset, so when you choose to invest in yourself you are sowing the seeds for your future

Inside our platform, we have our foundational courses and then there are our Masterclasses!

Our Masterclasses are just one of the things that truly set us apart from any other educational platform designed to give you the tools to build a thriving business that supports you to live your best life. 

Twice a month you can expect to receive targeted, relevant and potent advice that will support you to uplevel your mindset and skill set!

These high-end training sessions are brought to you by leading experts, who are masters of their craft, applying their knowledge in real-time.  We are honoured to have the privilege of bringing them to you to share their wisdom with what is working right now in the online world of business.

80% of success lies within

personal growth

the remaining 20% is the action taken using proven strategies, we provide a wide variety of both.

All of the consultants that we bring into The Freedom Era are 6,7 & 8 figure business owners who not only have the results we know our members want, but embody the practises they preach. The guidance you receive enables you to truly see the process and gain actionable steps to replicate your own version of success. 

Proximity to these people alone is a 4- 5 figure investment and you have lifetime access to masterclasses included in your membership.

We have welcomed in the likes of Stephanie Ann Schulz, Preston Smiles, Brock Johnson, Regan Hillyer, Melanie Ann Layer, Petar Lackovic, Scott Olford and so many more.

inside our


you have the opportunity to ask questions in the live masterclasses and have access to hot seat coaching and intimate Q & A’s.

Check out what some of our community are saying about our masterclasses below and take a sneak peak at what is waiting for you ↓

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Stephanie Ann Schultz

a unicorn in the coaching industry who has ORGANICALLY grown her business to be achieving consistent 500k-700k months.

Steph has appeared inside our academy twice already and has dropped some stellar tips and advice around how to cultivate a strong energy so you can maintain consistency, create from a place of service and make big moves for yourself!


preston smiles

If you do not know this man, get ready! As a servant of love and an INCREDIBLE coach he knows a thing or two about building a solid AND thriving heart-centred business!

From humble origins, Preston is a self-made man who has impacted thousands of students and he has been a consultant for our academy numerous times! His philosophy for business building is powerful and all of our members have experienced quantum leaps after his epic transmissions!

scott oldford

Wow this guy! An entrepreneur from the age of 7, made his first 10k by the age of 8, and has since helped 100’s of businesses scale to 7 figures and beyond including a few (yes multiple) of his own.

He brings a level of experience to the table that is hard to find anywhere else and you get access to his brilliance inside our academy with multiple masterclasses run by him!

melanie ann layer

There is power in hitting rock bottom, and Melanie Ann Layer is an absolute testament to that! Going from bankruptcy to now running a multiple million-dollar empire that supports entrepreneurs to take radical responsibility and have it all – she is the true embodiment of a leader.

Welcoming her inside The Freedom Era™ was an upgrade in itself as she guided our community through an incredible journey around leading yourself first! Melanie’s presence is sure to ignite the alpha within you that is able to see and speak to the leader in others!

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