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Our foundations for freedom curriculum are comprehensive and real world relevant courses that equip you with skills you can go out and implement today in your business to see results! 

No need to study for 4 years before you can start making an income!

The Freedom Era Academy seeks to bring the experience of the real world and provide you with education and skills you can start putting into practice straight away to move yourself towards the results you want – a business that gives you more freedom of choice, finances, time and location!

The power of The Freedom Era lies in you having access to targeted business and strategy frameworks that support our 3 pillars

Affiliating with a high ticket offer, leverage social media and automate your offer.

In addition to this is the emotional and mindset guidance to support you as you navigate through each breakdown and breakthrough, with the right support each milestone will lead you towards greater expansion.

Running an online business is a bit different to a traditional business, which is why we know this curriculum is imperative for starting out on your entrepreneurial journey online OR if you are refreshing your business and looking to move into the online space.

We know that a lot of society has a warped money mindset which is why this is one of, if not the most important course inside our foundations program. 

After your money mindset is re-wired for receiving abundance and not seeing money as working against you, you get to explore all of the exciting areas of copywriting, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Marketing, Leadership, Embodiment and Mindset.

Every single one of these courses was designed with the modern online entrepreneur in mind. They are tailored to address the limiting beliefs and struggles you will undoubtedly face as you travel this new path and help you navigate and rise up to the challenges.  

We stand very strongly behind success in business being 80% mindset and personal development and growth work and 20% strategy. 

For this reason we focus heavily on providing you with potent education and training in both areas.

It is so important to support your mind and nervous system as you expose it to new territory.

Without this support and upgrades in your mindset and ability to hold more you will find you start to sabotage yourself as old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs start to rear their head.

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Discovery Process

Our Discovery Process is a powerful coaching experience that gives you full permission to dream big and get clear on what you want for yourself… the lifestyle, the income, EVERYTHING!

In this process you’ll be guided through the journey of uncovering what it is you want to create for yourself and identifying some of the things that may be standing in your way – awareness is the key to change, afterall!

We then dive into the fundamentals of business thinking and the systems and strategies that you can utilise to create an income that doesn’t rely on trading your time for money.

Launch Your Business

This course is a 30 day container that guides you through a step by step process, intentionally designed for you to start and launch your online business from scratch. Even if you have a pre-existing business, this powerful course will support you to strengthen your foundations.

Money Mastery

Inside this flagship course, you will find the keys to unlocking your financial potential as you are guided through a series of videos to rewrite your relationship with money.

You will be introduced to the foundational understandings of what money is, how to effectively set goals around money, how to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, how to declare who you are to be open to receiving money, how to intentionally declare your desires around money to the universe, specific money practices, and how to take aligned action that produces money.

This course is out of this world, and the content in here has dramatically shifted the trajectory of thousands of our community members’ stories with money – we are confident it can do the same for you too!

Marketing 101

All the foundational knowledge and skills you need to know about marketing to get started on your entrepreneurial journey. This is a value-packed course that breaks down the key principles of marketing so you can connect with your audience to build know, like and trust. In this course you will learn –

  • How to create visibility of your brand and get eyeballs on your offer
  • The basics of copywriting
  • The key types of content you need to reach your audience
  • How to do live streams that get engagement and sales

Sales Fundamentals

The lifeblood of ANY business! If you’re already cringing at the “S” word, that’s a sign this course is for you! Here you will find a beautiful breakdown of how to create sales from a heartfelt space that provides solutions to the problems your ideal client is facing.

Time to ditch the sleazy car salesman belief system and own that you have something that is worth telling people about.

Inside this course, you’re going to learn, how to get clear on how to build rapport, how to identify what it is your customer needs, how to share about your offer/ services, how to ask for the sale in an empowered way, how to overcome objections and how to amplify your conversions by understanding people’s personality types. 

Facebook Ads Mastery (beginner)

Ready to jump into paid advertising leveraging the power of Facebook ads… But have zero idea where to begin – this is the course for you. Jam-packed from start to finish with all you need to know to get started in your journey to maximising your presence online without having to be online all the time!

Facebook Ads Mastery (advanced)

Mastered the basics of Facebook Ads and now you’re ready to step it up? Have no fear Facebook Mastery advanced is here to take you to the next level! This is designed for the entrepreneurs who are ready to lock all of the big pieces into place and be supported by funnels, emails and automation – some of our favourite things!

Instagram Fundamentals

The basics of IG! All the things you end up spending hours googling because you’ve been told you need to know them are now in one handy course which you can access, right here! This course is a beautiful introduction to Instagram as a platform and how to nail the basics!

Instagram Ads

If you are ready to tackle the world of paid advertising on Instagram, this is the course you want to get in on. An easy-to-follow guide that walks you through the steps you need to know to fast track your business exposure and growth.


You have the knowledge, but how do you walk the walk instead of just talk the talk? Well, you need to embody it, live it and breathe it. This is where having the tools to support you do this are so important – so here they are! This course is a juicy guide to embodiment and how to anchor into your message so that your audience can truly feel it.


This course is golden if you are finding yourself come up against limiting beliefs around anything! Here you will be guided through the process of gaining awareness, uncovering your limiting beliefs, reframing them and surrendering to the vision you want to create and let go of the mental chatter that gets in your way!


Owning a business requires you to become something different; someone different.

It requires you to step into your leadership in a way that can seem terrifying.

Our leadership training is a juicy deep dive into what it takes to be a successful leader!

Offer Specific Training

If you choose to partner with the affiliate offer we recommend, this course is an in-depth journey into the products, their uses and how they are truly revolutionizing health around the world! You’ll also find some incredible business-specific support that will powerfully set you up so you can build a business on strong foundations.

Sales Sniper Training

This in-depth sales training is exactly the kind of propeller you need to get into inspired action and making sales! With a systematised approach and a bit of humour our sales sniper training is going to leave you geared up and ready to go out there and make sales whilst feeling empowered doing so!

How to avoid disappointment on your entrepreneurial journey

It is no secret that the entrepreneurial road is a bumpy and windy one, which is why we have included a pep talk – because we all need those sometimes!

Sit back with your favourite beverage and let yourself be inspired and uplifted by the words of those who have walked the path you are now on and completely understand!

This is a piece to keep you inspired as you continue down this incredible journey – because like anything worth having, the success you’re moving towards will require you to overcome obstacles.

Just know, we have your back and you got this.

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