Chetanya is a trauma informed embodiment coach who has supported many 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs to release old patterns and rewire their nervous system response from fight flight and freeze to one of ease, flow and magnetism.

Having successfully built her own thriving empire on a foundation of burnout Chetanya deeply recognises the need for understanding your own inner landscape and learning how to process and regulate your emotions and automatic responses to support growth both personally and in business.

After recognising things needed to change, she began the path of healing and hasn’t looked back. 

This masterclass is a compilation of her tried and tested methods that supported not only her from shifting from burnout to blossoming but has done so for so many others.

Shifting from this state is imperative to expand your capacity to BE more, so you can hold and have more, both in life and business.

In this masterclass Chetanya shared the ways in which you get to become magnetic to new business partners through methods of trauma healing and embodiment practices.

The missing piece that so many of us have but do not realise until we begin the work. 

Recognising that sometimes you need to go slow to go fast and start inside before you can see the results on the outside is the magic that Chetanya brings to her masterclass and guides you on a beautiful journey to discover your magnetism so YOU can start to attract the soul tribe you desire to call in.

This is the masterclass you NEED if you’re ready to dive deep and get to the heart of what’s unconsciously standing in your way.

It is incredible facilitators like Chetanya that make The Freedom Era a cut above the rest and we KNOW, this will point you down the path of your own inner healing and give you the tools to embody the version of yourself you’re ready to become.

To hear the in-depth value Chetanya shares in this masterclass you can grab yourself a 14 day FULL ACCESS trial inside The Freedom Era Academy below. 


If you need further convincing though 🤪 check out a snippet of Chetanya unloading her genius on our YouTube channel