The level of support and mentorship inside The Freedom Era Academy has done nothing but grow and expand – our recent Masterclass with Anna Turner is a testament to the depths we know you need to travel.

The entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges and having the tools to alchemise any and all beliefs and responses that are holding you back from continuing to break through your own glass ceilings is imperative, to not only grow in your business but to grow as an individual!

Enter Anna Turner!

An empowering masterclass that truly spoke to the heart of so many of the struggles and blockages that we as entrepreneurs face!

Understanding that making goals and getting into action is amazing is one thing, but knowing the struggles and obstacles you face come from deep within you is another.

Anna beautifully presented ways in which these unconscious beliefs can play out and provided incredible guidance about how to navigate them. Knowing they aren’t bad, you do not need to judge them, they are just in fact like guard dogs that need some re-training.

A masterclass that truly will support you to not only understand how unconscious limiting beliefs come up in your business but in your life in general is such a powerful journey and skill set for you to have as an entrepreneur.


To hear the in-depth value Anna shares in this masterclass you can grab yourself a 14 day FULL ACCESS trial inside The Freedom Era Academy below. You will have access to Stephanie’s masterclass PLUS our entire suite of masterclasses and courses 🤯!


If you need further convincing though 🤪 check out a snippet of Anna unloading her genius on our YouTube channel below👇

Anna Turner Alchemise Your Unconscious Business Blind Spots