Here at The Freedom Era we are so committed to providing our community with the tangible tools and resources that support growth in life AND business – because both are intrinsically linked!


This week inside The Academy we welcomed industry game-changer Allie Reeves, multi 6 figure entrepreneur and host of the popular podcast “6 Figure Influencer” to talk all things creating powerful content that converts!


Allie is such an authority on creating content from a place of personal power and the value she shared around how to execute this in an authentic way was mind-blowing!


This masterclass is an incredible place to go if you feel you need to review your content creation process and remove any roadblocks that so many of us experience! Especially when trying to figure out the HOW when speaking to that one person to ensure it resonates with them! 


Some key points Allie spoke into were 👇


✨Letting go of feeling annoyed if people copy you


✨Getting laser clarity on who you’re speaking to 


✨How to maximize your most important real estate on your social media & capture people’s attention


✨Which version on yourself you need to EMBODY in order to match the energy of what you are trying to achieve


Allie is a powerhouse social media mentor, coach, and multi 6 figure business owner who has more than doubled her revenue in the last year and hosts the impact-driven and value-loaded podcast “6 Figure Influencer”.


Her ability to see your potential but meet you where you are at was so evident in the way she delivered incredible value that is easily digestible and implementible.


Not only that, she has gifted our community with some amazing resources to support you further integrating the education she provided!


To hear the in-depth value Allie shares in this masterclass you can grab yourself a 14-day FULL ACCESS trial inside The Freedom Era Academy below. You will have access to Allie’s masterclass PLUS our entire suite of masterclasses and courses 🤯!




If you need further convincing though 🤪 check out a snippet of Allie dropping loads of value on our YouTube channel below👇