This week inside The Freedom Era we welcomed back Kyliee X Stevenson who delivered YET ANOTHER epic Facebook Ads training! 


Seriously, the level of knowledge and skill that is available inside The Freedom Era Academy is unlike anything we have seen in the digital business space and we are so honoured we get to share this with you!


This week was a deep dive into the back office and getting crystal clarity around how to navigate confidently from this place!


Kyliee really cleared up a lot of the confusion when navigating the back end of ads manager with all the new updates! We love how she demonstrated how you can feel confident and calm when diving into this arena ~ because it is a big step and one that you get to feel supported to tackle!


From pixels to creating audiences, and INSTAGRAM story ads! Kyliee has given such a comprehensive exploration into how you can maximize your reach and set yourself up for greater success with conversion ads!


This masterclass is a must, seriously, if you’re wanting to uplevel your capacity to reach more people these skills are a need to know!


Annnd you have access to all the education you need to become a paid advertising boss!


So who is ready?!


If you’re not a member yet and are thinking yep totally need to know this you can jump into The Freedom Era, get your 30-day trial here, and see what it’s all about! 


We are confident you will be blown away by the quality and value you find inside The Freedom Era Academy and cannot wait to hear about your results!


Hit the link above to check out the goodies, BUT if you want a little sneak peek you can visit our YouTube channel and see some of the incredible leaders and coaches we have inside our vortex that are sure to help you on your journey – check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSSdR7Ja7kg&t=18s