Niching Down Your Facebook Ads Audience

One of the most amazing things about The Freedom Era is the high caliber of mentors and coaches we bring in to support our community to grow and scale their personal brands and businesses!

This Masterclass was no exception!

Hot seat coaching style, Kyliee gives real-life examples of how to create and customize your audiences inside Facebook Ads to ensure you are getting in front of the right people!

Nothing more annoying than spending money on ads that just keep missing the mark right?!

This is one of those hands-on kinds of masterclasses where you get to walk through the process as Kyliee is explaining and see for yourself how important this information is and put it into practice ASAP!

Regardless of whether you’ve ever tried paid advertising before, knowing how to create your audiences is an absolute MUST!

We love being able to provide our members with as many tools as possible for them to leverage in their businesses and paid advertising is one that you absolutely get to nail!

So, what are you waiting for!

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