We are absolutely blown away by the level of EPICNESS Alissa Buttiglieri brought to The Freedom Era in this masterclass! Something a little different to what this manifesting and mindset queen usually shares about BUT equally as powerful!

Alissa is a mindset and manifestation coach who decided it was time for her to show up as more of HERSELF and jumped onto Tik Tok to let her creative self loose! Her story of how she grew her Tik Tok following from 0 -140,000 in 11 weeks really opened up the possibilities of what else is out there, beyond the traditional platforms like Facebook and Instagram when it comes to building a business and personal brand.

We are now converted that is for sure!

Today’s masterclass was a breath of fresh air and really obliterated a lot of the beliefs so many of us held around the usability of Tik Tok for business growth.

Alissa broke down so beautifully how the Tik Tok algorithm works (easier than IG and FB that’s for sure 😂) and debunked the myth that it isn’t possible to build an engaged and thriving community using the video app that can then be leveraged in business!

The most exciting part!!! Alissa broke down the exact steps she’s taken to monetise her Tik Tok community and have incredible brand collaborations – how amazing?!

This is a hands-on, see how it’s done and go and duplicate for yourself kind of masterclass and Alissa has shown how uncomplicated it actually gets to be if you want to build a large following.

This masterclass is an absolute MUST WATCH!

Bring your phones, download the Tik Tok app and get ready to have some fun!

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