Yet another epic and POWER-FULL masterclass for our Inner Circle Members of The Freedom Era. The incredible Stephanie Schultz returned for her second time with us here and she brought the magic just as we knew she would.

The self proclaimed unicorn of the coaching business brought us so much value, it was almost impossible to keep up.

With so much success in her own business, that seems to build momentum by the minute, she is an absolute authority when it comes to leveraging social media, and in particular the Instagram platform.

If $2m in sales in 12 months doesn’t get your attention, we really don’t know what will.

This exclusive masterclass gave us all the opportunity to learn how to blend our energy with strategy and build rock solid trust in ourselves, and for our audience, so that when we speak our confidence is magnetic and our soul tribe can feel like they have found exactly what they were looking for!

So much value and personal advice around how to have confidence in your offer, your voice and what you are here to offer of impact to those that are looking for you!

Steph shared with us her top 4 types of content that will help you grow your brand and confidence, and delved deep into the power of intentionality with our purpose.

Her energy and the ability to be of full service is truly special and of massive impact!

Access to the Inner Circle Masterclass Group is for The Freedom Era platform members, reach out if you know you need to be in there! We have two new masterclasses every month, plus a whole library of incredible content to help you with the development of yourSELF, your strategy and your business!