Yet another epic and POWER-FULL masterclass in for our Inner Circle Members of The Freedom Era. Dov & Nicole gave us full permission to accept all that we are, shadows and all, and it was an experience we got to embody together as a collective.

Dov & Nicole are consciousness mentors; channels; an incredible power couple; and alignment teachers for the new wave of change-makers looking to create every aspect of their life on purpose and through purpose.

They understand that it’s not always easy to give yourself the permissions you feel you need to be fully self expressed, and this masterclass gave us a deeper insight as to how we can really connect to our self and expand our love, health and wealth. How to remember who we really are.

Knowing that when we can connect to our purpose and can be inspired (in spirit) and in creation, that we can grow, evolve and raise our vibration to its highest.

We can be of more impact, we can give more, feel more and receive more. It’s universal law after all.

It’s our birthright!

Everything you are

Everything you feel

Everything you think

Is all relevant.

You are a miracle, you are LOVE, you are abundant!

Watch this masterclass to learn the full bodied permission that will guide you to submerge deep into your darkest waters and resurface bigger and bolder and braver than before. Learn the power that is to leverage the lessons you have experienced, and find the enlightenment of yourSELF so you might connect with yourself and then connect with others.

You cannot give to someone what you cannot give to yourself.

We hope Dov & Nicole will come back again soon as they have so much to share of their gifts and their unique codes and we already can’t wait!

Thank you, thank you, thank you

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