It was another first appearance this week inside The Freedom Era Masterclass Vault, and it was super special!

We all have heard the expression everything is energy, but how do we take that principle and apply it to our lives and truly understand how to make it work for us?


Human Design is the energetic blueprint that holds the secret sauce to unlocking your potential.

In this Masterclass with Liz Coyles, we got the low down on what to be aware of and the tools to align with to become our most powerful, authentic selves.

Talk about leaving a masterclass completely enlightened and opened up to absolute potentiality!

Liz shared the basics of energetic blueprints with us, and to even be aware about this depth of internal blueprinting, and how our energy is not only everything, but is unique to how we operate, how we show up, how we suffer challenges or rise to our strengths, was such incredible insight!

We were all left with an epic opportunity to delve deeper and apply these unveilings to our lives and truly unlock our potential.

To really know ourselves this intimately.

We are so excited to have been shown this path and the community is buzzing about the thought of her coming back to deliver more in the future!

There’s no other online platform like this that has been done before, and with this calibre of heart centred industry leaders showing up to share their gifts and teachings.

We would love to see you inside if you feel called to come and check it out further.

You are so welcome to join us, and it’s totally risk free for you to check out for 30 days! link