Inside this masterclass with Adam Roa, we were fully activated to connect to our inner power of creativity.

He was here to help us remember Magic, to help us remember ourselves!

Which is exactly the sentiment he lives by and what he is a stand for.


He teaches people the process by which their reality is being created and helps them learn how to take conscious control over the creation process.

Everything he does is designed to help expand the awareness of his audience so they rediscover the power that lies within each and every one of us.

The power to create reality.

Here’s a sneak peek at what he shared with us…

Creativity is patterns in your brain that you haven’t ever had before”

YOU HAVE TO BE SUPER INTENTIONAL with your life-force, your creative energy, and when you’re working with it.

Your unconscious works differently and is processing 99% of your experiences of reality in any given moment.

Pay attention to your unconscious so you can have it filter up to your conscious space …

This is the coding of reality.

You have to be in control of what you tell yourself – let go of the limiting beliefs and the constant running narrative and noise.

Being more intentional with your time and space, and allowing more tuning in and being in alignment with your souls unique purpose, ties it all together and you can take action in these little tiny moments. These are open loops.

See where you are spending energy that is not useful and could be more sacred and intentional and ceremonious – find your magic and the ceremony that is your life.

You have to create the space to express your creativity out into the world!

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