Inside this masterclass with former Navy Seal Larry Yatch we took onboard so much but for this blog post, here’s a look at our top THREE TAKEAWAYS…


The difference between animals and humans…we don’t just communicate with our language. Our language is flexible and complex, and helps us to co-ordinate action, dependent on us having shared backgrounds of experience.

As leaders, we are able to help create shared backgrounds between the many experiences and differences within our community, teams, in our lives.

We must be conscious of our language on a daily basis because we rely on it for the co-ordination of action with others. Leveraging our language better and co-ordinating action will help us create the success we desire.

“Effective action is proof of communication” – so be sure to observe actions around you.


Starting with the end in mind…where is it you want to go? You need to know this before you can get there and with this in mind, we should redefine the old ways of determining what success looks like.

It is not going to be found in goals and objectives and tasks completed….for they never end, there is always a next one, and so how will you truly ever achieve success?

Success is a feeling, a human experience.

Rather, a better distinction of success is to find your…

Optimised Daily Experience Sustainable Over Time

Shifting our focus away from objectives and to daily experiences we will find more immediate joy and fulfilment, and designing these experiences so they become sustainable is how we keep the positive feelings today and take them with us into the future. Everything falls in to place when we make this our truth.

We need to have confidence that the future will feel as good as our optimised today! That is true success, when we can experience it daily.


Our business purpose then becomes about being able to produce feelings of success for the clients, team and the owners.

Any strategies we use to help build our businesses must therefore be in alignment with positive daily experiences.

Isn’t this beautiful how it’s all marrying together!

Our business is to SERVE, not to ENSLAVE us to it.

Larry also touched on some super valuable content and teachings around Judgement, Power, Control, and ultimately around our CHOICES.

We get to choose which people have the power to impact us, to influence our life choices.

Only we can give away our power.

But we don’t want to give it all away here…

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