The Freedom Era Community faves Chris Stapleton & Landon Stewart, were in the Inner Circle again this week, blowing our minds with how simple it gets to be to create a successful, thriving & wildly profitable Facebook group.

Here’s our top ten takeaways from the legends themselves!

1 – Tactics and strategies change all the time, but marketing and sales principles remain the same. Learning tried and tested skills and becoming a master will help you amplify your success.

2 – Right now Facebook Groups are the strategy that works!

Think of your Facebook group as your strategy, your hub for marketing and sales about your service. A place to fully serve your audience and give them the solution they are seeking.

3 – Inside your group you can show up as the authority because people join people first, and then the products! Inside your group is where you will gain trust and build relationships, which we all know is the key to successful conversions.

4 – Patience is KEY, nothing happens overnight, although success can happen very quickly once you have mastered the skills and applied and implemented them.

5 – Stay in the game long enough, and follow the principles of sales and marketing.

6 – Content is KING…you can grow with your audience through your content, and even if you don’t start off great at writing, keep practising until you do become prolific, and don’t be afraid to show your journey. It’s so much more relatable and people want to feel connected.

7 – When growing your group, you should be specific as to the clients you are calling in, ensure that you showcase the benefit you can provide and who you can provide a service to. It’s all about contribution and offering them the value they need and want.

8 – Your group should be about generating conversations and connections with people. Knowing what is going on in their lives so that you can see if you can provide them with the solution using your offer and service.

9 – Lead yourself first and then you will naturally lead others…have conviction in your journey and document it.

10 – If you have a choice between now or tomorrow; choose now. Don’t wait, don’t overthink it. Show up and share how it’s all going for you, even when it goes a different way than you imagined!

And remember simplicity is key!

You have to see these two in their genius to really appreciate all this epic value and feel the energy they provide time and time again for us inside The Freedom Era.

Thanks to Landon & Stapes once again for always laying it out for us, just as it is and being so generous with their teachings and their time.

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There’s nothing else like this that has been done before, and with this calibre of heart centred industry leaders and we would love to see you inside.

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