Preston Smiles was back in our Masterclass Vault yet again and with even more profound value to bring to the table! We will never get enough of his energy and compassion, his desire to see us all win and thrive. It’s magnetic to watch him and to feel into what he is delivering. If you can’t get excited when Preston shows up, you might need to have a word with yourself, ha!

Abundance is not a number in your bank account.

It is not a certain destination, it is a way of being, a lens from which we view the world.


It is a vibration.

It is US.


Look with a different lens (like have you noticed a leaf, truly looked at a leaf in detail) and see what is really happening.

Set your lens to blown away mode.

Like with snowflakes and fingerprints…creation was on fire to create 7.7 billion people and yet nobody has the same fingerprints! Think about it!


You body “does’”, even when you’re not thinking.

Even when you’re not trying or doing anything at all your cells and all the atoms and neutrons are all dancing and performing.


Happiness cannot be traveled to, it cannot be earned, it cannot be owned, it cannot be worn or consumed.

It is a by-product from truly living.

From an attitude of gratitude.

Wear your God goggles and see the face of God wherever you go.

That will show your happiness.


And when we speak of God – we mean any which way you have your own faith, and how that gets to look for you, be it True Source, The Universe, God, Gaia…..just notice the higher powers that be.


Take Yin and Yang for example…

Wearing you God goggles will show your yin, which is all beautiful;

But when you add the extra of the yang energy and you feel all the vibrations and intentionally allow yourself to remember who and what you really are AND you make yourself available for financial abundance….?

Then you become a weapon. THEN, you become a WEAPON!

But let’s look now at Financial Abundance:

There are three options when it comes this.


#1 – I WANT (based on the universe, wanting will only bring you more wanting) Major time spent on minor things or minor time on major things? The needle will move bigger, faster and stronger when you stop focussing on the things that don’t matter

#2 – I CHOOSE (a different energy) But it’s tricky because there is still a way out – it’s passive. Faith without words is dead. You can’t choose and sit and wait.

And so the most powerful option is

#3 – I COMMIT – living from a no matter what devotion that lives in your space, and come hell or high waters you trust and commit that this is going to happen.

It comes with so much.

You can’t stop when you are committed.

After each breakdown, the breakthrough is always coming when you are committed.


You have to be taking full responsibility here!

Not 98%, but absolutely ONE HUNDRED %

Consider what stories have you been telling yourself, that have been keeping you from full responsibility as it pertains to your financial abundance, about the world, your industry, your SELF, you family lineage. What have you been believing that stops you?

We need to face off with the stories that play underneath.

Because money is listening to those stories, and…

It’s also listening when you live from abundance!

When self doubt and BS stories creep in they will dry up your abundance well.


Abundance is a way of living.

It’s a lens through which we view the world.


We are creatures of habit and some of the habits we all have are effective, but some are ineffective. There are the doing and the not-doing habits.

What not-doing habits have you been allowing yourself to live with….Netflix, food, consuming, procrastinating, self pity, exercise, perfectionism – all the things!


Awareness comes before choice.

Don’t put the universe in a holding pattern.


You are in the practise of effective habits that are helping you build your wealth right now, here in this space.

Remember – “Speak what you seek until you see what you said!”


What habits are contributing to your financial independence?

And remember to consider your language when talking about financial freedom, because it is an oxymoron…..you can’t give finance your freedom as that gives it all the power.


Inner work – being in action – dancing – personal development – giving back to others – detoxing – being grateful……these are doing habits!


People who want to be rich and say that this is what they want – what they are committing to is just doing enough and being comfortable. See yourself in this and understand where it gives the universe mixed signals.


Everything I can do you can do!

I was broke as a joke but the difference is that when I say I am committed to being rich – I do rich things. I had Porsche consciousness before I owned a Porsche, I have million dollar consciousness, and I had it even when my bank account didn’t match – I acted as though it was all on its way.



“We are what we repeatedly do – excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle


Lose the ‘if I could, I would.’

Flip that and the key word is actually the could!

Ask yourself and model after people who have somewhat of what you would like to have. Practise more than most even start. Have more reps in the game and still practise! You can never stop practising.

We then had an epic Q&A session live in the masterclass, but you’ll have to get access to The Freedom Era, to check that out!

We can’t give it all away.