It’s no secret that pretty much the entire community swoons, when they know Preston is about to drop some epic value!
He lit up the room at Freedomfest 2020 and it was no different in our private Masterclass with him around his seven principles to inner and outer success.

It’s easy to see, easy to trust and easy to believe that Preston embodies what he preaches, and I say preach, because it’s all delivered with such energy, passion, deep connection to true source, and it is purposeful and without ego.


8 years ago Preston was looking at his tax returns for 2014 – noting that $32,000 USD is what he made in the year.

Impressing UPON us, and not trying to impress us – he went on to explain that to join us in this masterclass he left a $3.3 million house, to drive to his office in a $120,000 Porsche, and his other house is currently being built, and he leaves his beautiful wife and three children at home, whom he lives for – he is only 40 years old.

Just one business of his this year has done $2million in revenue – and he explains how he came from nothing.
Nothing passed down to him, and everything he created he did with these 7 principles.

So it’s vital to know that it’s okay to start WHERE YOU ARE
He also had to figure it all out himself!

NO matter what is happening in your life you need to no longer be available for anything other than abundance.

This can be challenging when you don’t see abundance but you get to have a million dollar consciousness and mindset to start with – starting INSIDE!

And so let’s get to the Principles:

Principle ONE

Do you know the reason why you are in your own way?
It’s not about how you look, what you wear, the colours on your Insta feed, or the perfect e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g – YOU’RE FOOLING YOURSELVES

People are dying and suffering all over the planet on a daily basis, and you have a medicine that only you can give.

What you sell may not seem life and death but it actually is.
Bedside manners from a Dr go a long way to helping people live longer than patients of a Dr that is not able to be a good human and connect to heart despite being the best in their field!

When you GET THIS – you get everything

Stop waiting and over planning and over thinking – rather over flow with joy, energy, presence and harmony.
KNOW THAT YOU ARE the presence of the most high

Principle TWO
Elevation requires separation
You gotta give up to go up. Give up to grow up. You gotta give up to GO UP and give up to GROW UP.

What is it right now, in everything you have that needs to go?
What is blocking you?

Every time you are not in true alignment ask yourself what you need to separate from.

What did you come here to be, do and have!?
Is it beyond what you are accepting now?
What is your mission and path?

Principle THREE
All the time, no matter what’s happening outside, remember ABC – ALWAYS BE CELEBRATING
There is so much to be grateful for in the NOW moments.

The wounded, conditioned pain-body and ego will have you believe that you will starve to death on the side of the road. It will take you on a ride to forget that your true needs are already met in the NOW moments.

Take a real inventory
Have you got a phone? – yes
Food source? – yes
Shelter… or could you find some? – yes most likely!

These are actual REAL, REAL needs – food, entertainment, shelter

Wants and NEEDS are different
Everything is vibrating and has a frequency. If you are believing and listening to the pain body, the limits, the ‘not enough-ness’. That limited narrative is going to draw you in and make you believe the lower case truth of the wounded self.

YOU will believe it all if that is what you keep listening to inside your soul.
If you buy into all of that and you give all your power to these games, what do you really experience?

See with the eye behind the eye as to what is really happening. If you believe in a story of lack and limitation and scarcity – guess what you will call in!

Principle FOUR
CARE but don’t carry

Don’t carry it all with you. You are literally not available for everything else that is for real happening on our planet.
Stop being FED
Don’t be dragged around by your emotions.
Listen to spirit and ask what is needed – how you can be used to be of impact in this lifetime.

You cannot be in space if you are trapped in the ideas of lack, limitation and scarcity.
You have work to do on this planet

Principle FIIVE
“Speak what you seek, until you see what you said”


Our thoughts become things.

We build with our language, it’s all in linguistics as to how we build our world

You build and construct worlds with your language


Build up your language and like Preston, make sure it’s a language that is deeply affirmative.
If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them and have them!
Don’t prophesy using the past – you’re not the same person since last week, let alone 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years, 60 years ago!

You’re making up stories about what is possible in your business, life, family and emotions based on the past – projecting it into the future! Initiate a NO COMPLAINT challenge and rather always find the solution. Be solution oriented.

Principle SIX
There are four degrees of Action:

1st degree action – people who do nothing
2nd degree of action – people who retreat
3rd degree of action – normal and acceptable levels of action and getting by
4th degree of action – MASSIVE ACTION

Are you committed to having your business committed to blowing up in 2021?
Are you committed to not stopping until it’s where you committed it to be?

If you’re doing good and it’s all safe and everyone likes you and it works…..that’s great – but that’s NORMAL

If you commit to be further than that, you commit to massive action.
“What got you here, won’t get you there!” – another mic drop moment!
You need the action that makes you uncomfortable thinking about it.

Have a product
Tell as many people as literally possible
Then tell more people!

Fourth degree action is going where your ego doesn’t want you to go.
Doing what you would never do is what will get you results.

Principle SEVEN
The principle of YES and THANK YOU

Say yes to your marching orders – whatever is here in the moment
“YES I receive”


That yes is creative, the universe is listening, money is listening.
So say yes and thank you for your marching orders

YOU feel the call
YOU feel the evolutionary impulse

It’s like from caterpillar to butterfly – something in you is saying you have to transform, break free and spread your wings

THAT is where you find the thank you part.

Say thank you

Well…. here’s a big YES to you @prestonsmiles and THANK YOU!
We are so grateful of your time, your value, your humanity and all you are here to do in this lifetime.

Yet another EPIC Masterclass inside The Freedom Era, firing us up to take our lives and businesses next level.