This week’s Blog centres around how we can elevate our mindset and intention to activate our money evolution intentions and call in activated intentional and conscious money to our lives – to be good, do good and spread a ripple effect to all who are ready to receive!

Are you ready to receive into your heart before your mind?

With Gaby’s beautiful transmissions, this is where we always begin. It’s heart-centred first and foremost, and for good reason.

For in our heart space is where we can centre into the moment, into ‘now’, the present moment in time.

It’s where we can breathe and receive.

So much in the world is shifting and evolving in these times, in our lifetime.

Our personal growth is shifting, and the evolution of money is no different.

When we choose to re-code and tune into higher frequencies, we have the power to access and to activate ourselves.

To protect our frequencies and our perceptions.

This is a conscious evolution.

For love – happiness – joy – peace

A free world

A new world

In alternate realities and realms there are lower and higher frequency worlds and this is the same for money.

We can hold it in a higher or a lower frequency and it will be imprinted in this way.

If we hold money in the lower realms of existence and vibration, like the vast majority (thanks to our conditionings and control), we will experience fear, anxiety, hunger, scarcity, significance, separation and ego.

And in this we will not find alignment with ‘one-ness’

Money has been made wrong for so many people. So many people who see it as evil and a negative energy.

Well we get to dissolve this template.

A new paradigm of money is available. We simply have to call it in from a higher realm of existence and it will give us connection, abundance, love, freedom – one-ness.

It is totally different money,

Of sacred geometry templates.

A template being its programming of thought and belief. Of how it is. We can find sacred geometry coding in the quantum and feel massive shifts.

In a new world we get to create the new money. To transform the lower realm of currencies to higher realm money, a new earth money.

We can alchemise and co create, and spread it with a ripple effect around the world.

The truth is, we are powerful creators and co-creators, we create everything around us. What we project we see as our reality and we get to choose to receive, and in receiving, we can be custodians for this new earth.

The world we see now is far from free. It is enslaved in how so many see it to be, and how the masses see money, clearly isn’t working! If it were then the world would be free, people would be free, happy, joyful and abundant and not living in fear and scarcity.

And so with one breath, one thought and one intention we truly can release the pre-constructed frameworks of what others have told us.

We get to be in gratitude.

To be thankful of all levels of our growth.

From scarcity to abundance.

We get to view ‘debt’ in a new way.

It can be seen as what was once abundant when we most needed it. It was support money that we now can be thankful to pay back, for it had our backs when we needed it.

We get to appreciate all the support money we have had in our journeys for it was abundance in service.

Alchemise your thoughts

Change them

Think for yourself

Have a higher intention and allow it to be on a higher transmission. Rise above to the higher realms.

It is okay to call in abundance and money for safety, for certainty, for things you need, and for what serves you, but what is key, is to call in more. Call money in beyond this. Call more abundance for greater purpose.

Imagine in our hands we called in all the money in the world and we allowed it to be recreated and recoded and used only for good, by good, with love.

Imagine this divine abundance and the higher realms of freedom we would afford our planet.

Call in money for this.

Call it in through your conscious and activated portals, call it in to a new field for new earth money

Transform it to higher frequencies.

Imagine then, that every time your money goes out into the new world, it goes out with a higher vibration, a coded frequency to infuse and dissolve the lower realms all around it.

Imagine the love, the joy, the peace, and the creation. Imagine the raise in frequency globally and for all.

Proximity raises you!

We can recode the whole earth.

A ripple effect to a whole new whole world system.

Isn’t abundance worth calling in for this!?!

Not just for what we need, but for the purpose.

This way is for those who are truly passionate to create a new world.

This is for freedompreneurs!!!

Seeds can be planted with intention, conscious choices for good and thriving freedoms.

We need to think big, dream big and remember childhood innocence and the ability to dream big.

In our big visions we can make such a huge impact.

We can connect to our true soul aligned desires and within soul purpose we find true alignment and money will co-create with us in this space. Abundance will not anchor in a lower frequency.

We can retransmission this world with our intentions.

There is nothing more important than your frequency and the protection of it.

Do not allow your creation to be placed outside of you and allow yourself to be ‘created’. Use your shields, use your higher frequency and guard your co creator, your soul purpose.

The beings with the greater intentions are the ones who truly should hold the most abundance, for they will change the world with love, with their higher realm money.

Expand and receive!

It is just as important to receive as it is to give.

Imagine you took away the joy of giving from someone and didn’t enable them to feel evolution and contribution at their soul level.

For this is what soul is.

We can not be a custodian of the free world of love and freedom, if we do not enable other’s to give and be soul embodied and activated too.

And when you fall back into scarcity, physically, or of your mindset, and know that you may well do.

Trust the long journey.

Let go of the need for abundance and practise your gratitude.

Commit to your evolution and this rite of passage. Your frequency will grow you and your business. Do not fall into projection of fear of he future but imagine the projected possibilities of it!

We are a stand in this collective for reality to truly be free.

We are stand for giving ourselves space to grow, evolve, shift.

Existing in a frequency of pressure cannot create a reality of FREEDOM.

Once again Gaby brings her absolute power and recodes us with a transmission of beautiful and divine abundance.

So much to think about and to nurture into existence.

A treasured and loved part of this community, Gaby we thank you from our higher souls for all you share with us.