​3 Simple Starts to Structuring Your Business from the Ground Up – with Lauren Darlington

Inside this blog post, we discover just exactly why it is so crucial to build foundations of a business in the systems, structures and processes.

This week we had the pleasure of having the genius that is Lauren Darlington in our Masterclass Vault.

Lauren is the absolute queen of systemisation and structuring a business to support its growth and ultimate success.  Working alongside The Freedom Era since it’s creation, there could be no one better leading us in the way to truly set the foundations for our own businesses, and one of the biggest take aways to get started now!

“The foundations to your business are like the floors of your house…quite frankly, they’re needed!”

And Lauren reminded us repeatedly (thank you thank you!) that we should start NOW for the business that we want to have….not where it is at right now …. although if you have a big business already and none of the foundations, could also be a good idea to quickly pop some in so it doesn’t collapse!

No mansion was ever built without solid foundations 😉

So with that all in mind…here’s some of the highlights from this hugely insightful and powerful masterclass.

It’s time for us to lose the chaos.

To create a business that can be sustainable and enjoy continued growth and expansion.

There is always opportunity to tweak and enhance something to be more effective, more efficient, more streamlined, and yet it is so important to just keep it simple!

The basics of a business are fundamental.  The fancy things can come, they can be integrated in time, they are all beautiful and glowing and pretty, but what’s the point of a beautiful dazzling shop window if there is nothing inside but chaos and mess.

You are your greatest resource and your core focus should initially be upon where you are intending on going.  Once you know where you want to be, you can tune in further as how to best get there.

Your actions now will make such a difference to the success of your business in the future and we all know what happens when we treat our business like a …. BUSINESS!

So your 3 simple steps :-




It’s all too easy to waste a lot of time being busy being busy, and actually accomplishing very little in a day.  We all know how time can truly fly.

As conscious creative beings, we are not always all tuned in to mapping out systems, we don’t always find that part sexy.


Let your systems be the masculine to your feminine and the river bank to your river of flow and creativity!

Structure is what enables the most beautiful flow.


Setting up a clear concise calendar with blocked out time for all your chosen activities is vital

You run the risk of leaving some of your best ideas, and all too many of them, on the table, if you leave them floating around your mind and don’t give them a home in reality.

If you can imagine that everything you think about is an ‘open tab’ like on a computer desktop…this takes up your energy and brain capacity and will stunt your creativity and growth.  It’s the sure fire way to lose genius moments, thoughts, ideas!

Learn to close the loop – close down the tab – put it somewhere you can action it when you make the time and you will radically change the momentum in your business.

Colour codes can be a great visual to help you block out different aspects of your lifestyle and where you want to be focussed during that time.


Having business operations is a TOP TIP – start to create processes and understand the operations of your business so you can pass this on to your team and it can be duplicated with ease and flow.

Know where your documents, photos, files, ideas, passwords, training and all resources are.  Have them organised so you can access them any time you need and you don’t waste precious and valuable time looking for those all important collected files.

It’s so powerful to embody your business in this way and make it all real.


Be intentional with your month by month plans.

If you know where you want to go, and what you want to achieve, having this mapped out can be a huge tip for success.  Keep it simple, but at the beginning of each month, have your target and focus clear.  Know the numbers you need and reverse engineer your plan if you need to, so you can tune in on the daily actions and steps you need to take to achieve what you set out to.

It is not true that multi-tasking means you are busy and efficient and doing all the things! Most likely it’s the exact opposite.

You will eventually just burn out, leave valuable plans on the table and stunt your growth.

Being productive is having clear focussed and directed actionable energy in motion!

+ Know your daily activities, know your vision and CHUNK it down to the actions you take each day to achieve

+ Batch schedule your time.  Block time and focus, make space for your brain dumps so as to come back to those when you have the time

+ Prioritise where your energy is needed and maximise high energy tasks first

“It’s not the actions that stop you, it’s the story in your head about it.  So focus on the ACTION and just START!”

It is always true that you WILL SUCCEED if you just choose to never give up.

So start now, wherever you are at, and have a process that works for you.

Stay in your lane and take your aligned action.

Focus and be intentional with your business and you can’t go wrong.

We knew when Lauren would be a force to be reckoned with, and we weren’t wrong!

How amazing it is to know that the simple tasks and the basic steps are the ones that will support us the most.

NO more shiny object syndrome over here now….we are too busy getting our systems all sexy!