Have you ever heard of Multi Dimensional Marketing?  Neither had we…

Inside this blog post, we discovered just exactly what it means and how we get to bring in other dimensions to our business and lifestyles!  

In order to call in your true soul tribe you must be coming from a place of service, you must learn how to be in this existence and yet market also beyond this physical plane of existence.

Sounds woo woo !?!?!

That’s okay, this is all a learning experience and if you’re new to this, embrace it and just trust!

Gaby really is magic.

Quantum technology is all powerful and offers a place for us to play and to create.

We are here to activate and anchor into a world that is Free, a world that is filled with beings living their dreams and making a difference.

One of the greatest illusions that humanity lives in, is the illusion that there is one earth, one reality

When in truth, there are countless realities and countless versions of ourselves.

We shift between realities all the time.

When we market & create content and call people into our business, we get to choose to anchor in to higher realm realities.

We get to have this anchor in a realm of realities within the universe that hold our soul tribe and the highest version of our soul tribe, so that they may be able to connect to our unique frequencies and hear their soul whispers of their desires and step into action to connect with us and come into our shared reality.

Just like a film strip imagine billions of still-shots of NOW moments, that when played together create motion.We may believe that reality is one playground, and yet we are shifting amongst realities all the time.

We do this with our frequency, our intention and our attention

The more abundance codes we have activated in our field, we will experience and play around in more abundant realities.

When we have more fear and scarcity, we will play around in more scarce realities.

So when we call in soul tribe, we wish to anchor into the set of realities within the universe where they are at their highest frequency and most aligned with higher self

We want to find them in flow and feeling called to reach out to us.

We want to be finding them in the infinite possibilities realm of the universe.

Where we will find those that have the courage to say yes and follow their dreams.

Saying yes to something new, is leaving an old set of realities to shift to new ones.

Realities of more possibility and creation.

Where we get to unlock more freedom and be of more contribution in the world.

Making a decision like this to build a business, is shifting into a whole new plane of existence, so our job is to be able to take them from their current existence to these higher realities and realms.

Our responsibility is to hold our soul tribe and the version of them in our intention and attention.

We are all powerful creators and co-creators and our intention and attention is the most potent tool we have that we should not give away to external realities that distract us.

CHOOSE your realities, don’t get pulled into ones that will not serve you.

Identifying the signature frequencies of the realities we want to anchor into is the key, so we can choose the higher realms.

We do not then allow ourselves to receive any other imprints that contradict this….thats how we create worlds where rules don’t have to exist.

We must be conscious of being CREATORS.

We create everything.

We create our realities

We choose to evolve in love and high frequencies

The more of us that anchor in here in higher earth and live in abundance, is what helps the world shift and evolve.

Souls will look for YOU specifically and your frequency because they are a match. They believe what you believe and value what you value, so they can receive your gifts and guidance. This is how you are the one to support them.

WE anchor in service,

In our vision and

In WHY we are doing this.

Abundance will not anchor in personal gain.

One way to create focus and divine intention is to anchor in each day and choose our realities first.

To start our day off with choosing and connecting to our frequencies with intention and attention.

This was such a beautiful transmission from Gaby, and we could go so much deeper into all of this with you, but of course, that’s what our Masterclass Vault is for inside of The Freedom Era Platform.

This is just a sneak peek at what we have going on inside there, where you will find the highest calibre of consultants and leaders working alongside us.

A note about our host:

Gaby supports Impact Driven Business Owners to live their BIG vision of profound freedom, wealth & contribution.  She is all about activating the New Earth and taking us to new realms of ideas and practises that we can use to enhance our very being and business.

She is an Abundance & Ascension Mentor

Creator of The New Earth Mission Empire Codex  and The Slave Codes & Galactic School