The Art of Magnetization with Scott Oldford


Inside this blog post, we are looking at a brief summary from an EPIC Masterclass with the one and only Scott Oldford.

We are talking all about the art of being magnetic…

Is it possible to be more magnetic?

Can you learn magnetism?

Do we really need to be magnetising?

Scott believes so and there are 6 core pillars we can start with considering:

1 – Your Presence should ensure people feel Seen & Heard

2 – HAVE SELF TRUST – only you are you

3 – Create your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

4 – Be Transparent & Open

5 – Have Confidence

6 – Understand the responsibility you have to be able to Lead

Magnetisation is one of the foundational building blocks to building a successful personal brand based business.

We are selling human connection more than we are ever selling a product or service, and we get to be the hero of our own story.

We get to be someone that others want to follow.

And so, to that end…are we interesting enough?

Can we be the ‘cool kid’!?

Are we the ones that draw people to us with our energy, and the way we get to make other people feel!?

Or are we too caught up in the ‘normals’ of our life, the conditioning that had us question ourselves and not trust our own judgements, thoughts, beliefs and ideas?

We know that we want to be around people that are tapped into living life, to creating lives of freedom, of FUN and celebration, so why not BE that.

It’s time to get busy in the business of BEING

Of being YOU

Of being okay with your identity, no matter what.

You have nothing to hide, you have no secrets…there is only one you.

Being magnetising is:

The way YOU BE

It’s the way you are when you’re by yourself

It’s the way to be with someone so they feel you’re actually there

It’s the way you write something that makes the reader think it was just for them

It’s the way to have people trust YOU, more than they can trust themselves

And then the beautiful part…is showing them how to trust themselves the way you trust yourself.

No one wants to follow someone creating an alternate version of reality,

So take people on your journey, be a guide, be vulnerable, show up as you and live the lessons.

You can’t experience a lesson again for the first time, so slow down and enjoy it!

No matter what happens…that was what was supposed to happen, so just know that you get to figure it all out.

A great freedompreneur, a great leader…has got to master the art of being magnetic.

We learned so much from Scott in this EPIC live session inside the Freedom Era, and if we know anyone to be magnetising, it’s Scott himself.

He’s for sure the cool kid in this town!

Go ahead and reach out to the amazing soul that lead you here, and come have a peek inside and say hi,

You might just find your tribe…

and yourself!

A note about our host:

Scott Oldford is a mentor, investor, and advisor for successful online businesses.  He’s also the creator of The Relevancy, Omnipresence and Intimacy Marketing & Sales Method, 6 Pillar Framework, and REwired, all systems that help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and generate sustainability.

Scott has mentored thousands and helped many businesses reach the multimillion-dollar mark. His work has been viewed by millions of entrepreneurs and has been featured online in Forbes, Inc., SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, Fortune, Business Insider, and ABC.  He lives in Northern California with his wife, Libby Crow, a fellow entrepreneur and podcast host of Behind the Dream, and their long-haired dachshund, Cooper.