Phillipa: Hi, everyone. It’s Phillipa, here again for another episode of Meet the Community. Today, I have with me the amazing and beautiful Aggie Palu or Aggie Jr.? What do you like to be called?

Aggie: Well, my whole name’s, yeah, Aggie Palu Jr., so it doesn’t matter.

Phillipa: Aggie Palu Jr., yes. Aggie’s been part of the Freedom Era community for 11 months now. And I remember, it was actually, I had the first conversation with you, didn’t I?

Aggie: Yeah.

Phillipa: On the phone when we’re introducing you to the Freedom Era and everything that was available, so that was awesome. And now we get to talk again. So Aggie works as a youth worker and as a pastor and is also, she’s coming through this community to create a new way of life for herself, to make more money, so that she can make more of an impact in her own life and also in other people’s lives as well. So I’d love for you to start us off, Aggie, with just giving us a little bit of an overview of the past 11 months around maybe what you have learned, what you have created during this time of being in The Freedom Era.

Aggie: Yep. Awesome. Thank you so much Phillipa for this opportunity and for taking this time. I know your time’s valuable and we appreciate everything you do for us, not just for myself, but for this community, so thank you. And in the past 11 months, I think probably one of the biggest things that I’ve loved so far is who I’ve allowed myself to become, just stepping into everything that I’ve wanted to be. And so not just someone who talks a lot because I can talk, but someone who actually walks the talk.

And being in this community, being able to learn from people who are not just two steps, five steps, ten steps ahead of me, but people who are also willing, like yourself, just being able to give us time, give us wisdom, give us knowledge into making our dreams become a reality. And that’s one of the best things I love about it is because not only do we have the platform where we get to learn in our own time, but also when we make the time and we make that commitment to committing to the masterclasses or a particular person when they’re talking, when it’s live, just feeling that energy and being able to be in and amongst that, is something that inspires me, but it also adds fuel to the fire for myself.

And I absolutely love that because on the days when I’m feeling like I’m down and out and I’m like, “Oh my gosh. This isn’t attracting anyone,” or, “It’s not calling in my vibe tribe,” I remember that I’m in and amongst people who started from the bottom people, people who started the same way I did, and all I have to do is just lift my eyes and look ahead and be like, “Oh, no. Actually, I’m on the right path. As long as I’m being consistent and doing what I need to do, I will step into who I need to be, to call in and help and serve the people that I’m called to. So yeah, I hope that kind of answered your question.

Phillipa: Yeah. Yeah, totally. And something that I always think is really cool is that the people that we get to impact, make an impact on their lives. And so we met in person at a Freedom Fest event in March this year, in 2020. And you were there also with your sister and with other people that you have impacted as well. How does it feel for you to be able to kind of guide others and help others on this journey and to create a life of freedom for themselves as well?

Aggie: To be honest, I think one of the most beautiful gifts that we’re able to give others… And I know you have the same heart as well. I think one of the most beautiful gifts that we can give to others is actually waking them up to their real potential, waking them up to their dreams, waking them up to know that there is a possibility, that there is a vehicle, that there is a way for them to stand up, wake up, and take daily action to live out their God-given purpose or their God-given dream.

And I think the most beautiful thing about that is actually seeing people come to life and be like, “Oh my gosh. What? I can do this? I don’t have to just stand on the sideline and be like, ‘Oh, go you. You do you. Yeah, cheering you on.'” But they can become one of the players on the field who are like, “Actually, no. This is for me too.” And so being able to go up with my sister and my cousin, who are in the business as well, was one of the most beautiful things because we would have these little debriefs that ended up being massive long briefs.

But just being able to talk, up at Freedom Fest, just being able to talk and realizing we never knew that we could do this. And I was still fresh in the game and they were asking me all these questions and I’m just like, “Yep, awesome. Hey, we’re all here to learn.” And I think one of the biggest things I like, I’d tell them, I’m like, “Man, I don’t know. I don’t know all the answers, but you know what? We’re in the right community, we’re in and amongst the right people to be able to lead the right way.” So yeah, like I said, just being able to wake up people and show people that it is for too. Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah. Yeah, that’s something that I really love about this community too, and about the platform, is that you don’t have to know all of the answers to start creating something for yourself, to start making money, to start making an impact, to start learning new things because we do have the training in the platform for everyone on different things, education and tech stuff and social media stuff, mindset, and inner work stuff as well. And I’d love to know, what has been some of the most impactful learnings for you within the platform?

Aggie: Mm, definitely from the platform, obviously, like I said, the community. I love the community. The leadership. The leadership has been massive for me. I’ve always loved just learning from others and by people who know how to lead in their own element of being who they are. And so that’s been a massive one for me, just learning from the different leaders in this platform. The other thing that I love the most has been the mindset stuff. The mindset has been massive, absolute just mind blowing for me because yes, I can come across as someone who’s confident and people are like, “Oh. Yeah, yeah. No, you’ve been in sales. You’re good at talking,” and this and that.

But alongside with the inner work, I love that we have these courses, that we do have a course on leadership and we have a course on mindset stuff, and we have a course on inner work, along with all the rest of the other incredible value in there. But the biggest thing that I love is that you can come across to people as a particular, something that they may see or something that they may read, but inside, when all these little lies or these little like limited beliefs come at you, you’re taught how to squash those things and get rid of them and replace them with truth. And I love that the truth actually helps you step into who you were born to be.

And so for me, like I said, for the mindset work, the inner work, just knowing in my heart and my mind that I am called for a purpose, that we all are. Being able to align that with my heart, my vision, my dreams, has been absolutely, just massive and mind opening for me, that I can’t stop sharing it with my family, my friends and even just on some of my posts. Yesterday I found myself, I was singing on my post. I was like, “Oh my gosh. What are you doing?” But I didn’t care because I’m here to bring joy, I’m here to bring hope and if I can’t step out in that fear of knowing that I’m doing this, not just for myself, but it may bring joy and hope to someone else, then hey, that’s what we’re here to do. So yeah, definitely leadership, mindset and inner work has been massive for me.

Phillipa: Amazing. And I have seen some of the posts and the live streams that you’ve put out where you’ve really shared your heart and you’ve shared some of the big things that you’ve gone through in the past and that you’re working through now. How has that been for you to just share so vulnerably and so deeply from yourself onto social media?

Aggie: I think, definitely, we grow up and we’re told that vulnerability, it’s not a good thing. It’s not a good thing to cry. It’s not a good thing to be weak. And it’s been portrayed as something that it’s weak, but I see, and what I’ve been taught, is that vulnerability is actually power and it has the ability to open up people’s hearts, so that you can connect with others to the point where they’re like, “Oh, actually, I’m not alone.” And if you can make one person, allow them just to feel like that they aren’t alone, that they belong, that is one of the most powerful gifts that we can give to others.

And just like I said, for example, for myself growing up, I’ve always been boxed differently. And you’ve met my sister and all my sisters, they’re all very feminine and they’re beautiful. I absolutely love and adore them, but for me, some of the limited beliefs that I was led to believe was that I was a mistake, and that I wasn’t good enough, and that I was worthless because of the way I looked and because of the way that I sounded. And people would tell me, they’d be like, “Aggie, maybe if you just put a dress on, then everyone will accept you the way you are.” And I’m like, “But I don’t like dresses. That’s not me.”

And so I’ve come to this place where I’m like, “Yes, I have my faith, but at the same time, to practically put it into practice daily, it’s about being in a community where people actually love you and accept you for who you are. But because others have done that around me, especially someone like yourself, I look at Christie, I’ll look at Clint, so many other people who have done it, I’m like, “Man, that is so inspiring. And I can do that too.” So just when you see something and it’s shown to you how it’s done, then that, for me, I’m just like, “Man, I need to do that. I need to do that. And I can. Just because others have, I can do it too.” So yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah, yeah. And you have really just continued to be yourself throughout this whole process, from what I have seen of you. And also, from just being yourself, you’re creating a really awesome business and you are impacting other people’s lives. So what advice would you give to people who are struggling with comparing themselves to others and thinking that they have to be like everyone else in order to do something or create something?

Aggie: Yeah. I think, obviously, firstly, everyone will say, it’s like, “Just be yourself.” But if you don’t know how to be yourself, it means you need to take time out and find out, what do you like? What do you love? Just because someone says, “I like noodles,” and you don’t like them and you say, “Oh, yeah. I like noodles too.” No, you don’t. And who cares? I always tell people, one of the most authentic things you can do for yourself, is start to like and love who you are, the way you are. And if it means liking… If you like your smile, you like your smile. Like your eyes, you like your eyes. Little things like that. If you start with the little things, just like when we do the gratitude practice, start with the small. If you look at a door, the hinges, it’s those small hinges that hold that door.

To me, that’s weird, but it’s the small things that make the big things matter. And so I want to encourage you guys, if anything, be yourself, but start practically by looking at things you’re thankful for. What do you like about yourself? What do you love about yourself? Why are you thankful for it? And just start from there. And if anything, in regards to comparison, if God wanted two of me, he would have made two of me. And if God wanted two Philipa’s, he would have made two of them, but he’s only made one of you. He’s only made one of you and the world needs you. You are here for a purpose. And so, like they always say, comparison is the thief of joy. And comparison is also the quickest road to depression, to feeling sorry for yourself, and you don’t need that. Trust me, being full of joy, loving yourself for who you are, is much better than being in that sad, pity party place. Just saying.

Phillipa: Yes. Oh, I love that. It’s just an epic mic drop moment there.

Aggie: Thank you.

Phillipa: So good. So good. So we’ve got just a couple of questions for you. Taking it back to before you got started in The Freedom Era, where were you at in your life and what was the decision making process for you to, one, get started within the platform and the community and two, also investing in the high ticket offer within The Freedom Era?

Aggie: Yep, okay. And so, for me, I came into the business through one of my incredible, incredible friends, Zanya, and she’s a little pocket rocket. But prior to that, so I’ve been working, as you mentioned before, I’ve been working as a youth worker and a pastor for over 10 years now. And so I love helping people. I love serving people. I just love being around people, as much as I’m an introvert. And people are like, “Shut up. You aren’t.” And I’m like, “No, trust me.” If you asked me to hang out in person or just me stay at home, I’m like, “Yep, I’ll see you another time.” But I do, I just love helping others. I hate seeing people down and out. And so, for myself, I’d gotten to a point where yes, I was helping others, but I’d forgotten about the purpose and the dreams on my heart. So they’d been squashed, being pulled away.

And then I got to this point where I was like, “Is this all I’m supposed to do?” Nine to five, I work in schools, I’m like, “Is this it? Is this really it?” And I remember praying and I was like, “God, I need something. I need something. If I want to make a bigger impact… I know you’ve called me for great impact. And if I want to make a bigger impact, I need more. I need more.” And I don’t desire the money just for my family or just for myself. I desire it because part of my job, I’ve wanted to build teams in high schools, but part of that depends on funding from other people. And jobs have been lost and I’ve seen jobs lose out. And thankfully, for me, I’ve kept mine, but I want to also say, you know what I want to get to, I want to get to a point in my life where I can fund it. And so people can’t tell me, “No, we can’t have this worker, we can’t have this many youth workers.”

If I can get myself to a position where I can fund those jobs, I was just like, “Man, we wouldn’t have to worry about people losing jobs.” And the support that it gives kids in high schools, young people these days, not only in the community, I was just like, “How can we get there? How can we do that?” And so when I saw my friend Z posting all this stuff, I was like, “What the heck is she going on about?” I started following her for a bit and I was just like, “Okay, cool.” And then I hit her up and I said, “Oi, what are you doing? What’s going on?” And it took me a while to do that, but I was just like, “Man, I need to act on this straight away.” And so I remember looking through and I was just going through the discovery process, going through what I had to, you and my DBS call, Phillipa. And I remember, I didn’t have the funds at the time, but I was like, “You know what? I need to make this happen.”

And so I was trying to make different ways happen. I actually ended up getting a loan to start my business and with everything that’s going on at the moment, I’ve almost paid that off, luckily, just with the return that I’ve made so far. But making those decisions and taking the action to start the business, especially with the high ticket as well, was my way of saying like, “You’d have to be an idiot…” Look, take offense if you want to like, but you’d have to be an egg to not see that this high ticket offer is… Oh, yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. I know blind people can read and that, and they can hear and stuff, but you’d have to be a complete egg to not see that this is the vehicle that is going to get you to whatever your dream is. And the fact that you can build a legacy, leave a legacy.

I don’t have kids, but I have 21 nieces and nephews and that’s just from my siblings, but I have other nieces and nephews, I’ve got kids in the community, I’ve got kids in my church community that I would love to leave a legacy for. There’s foundations that I want to impact, to prevent suicide because my heart is just for young people. And so this is why I acted upon the high ticket offer, getting in this platform, being amongst this community, because it’s people who not only dream massively, but people who take action so big that I absolutely love it. And just where I’m at at the moment, like I said, sorry, I’m getting a bit excited, but every day for me is a new opportunity just to be like, “Cool, cool. Where can I plant seeds? Where can I show people that there is hope out there for your dreams to come alive because you were born for impact and we all have people to reach.” So yeah, just a little bit. I’ll just turn it down again.

Phillipa: Whew. Oh, you’re so inspirational, Aggie.

Aggie: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah. Awesome. Thank you so much for being on with me today and all of you who are watching, please just let us know, what golden nuggets, what inspiration, what message have you received from listening to Aggie. If you are not in The Freedom Era yet, and you’ve been sitting on the fence, then I hope that listening to Aggie speak today has allowed you to get off the fence and just come in and get started.

Aggie: Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah, amazing. Thank you, Aggie.

Aggie: No, thank you.



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