Phillipa: Hey guys, it’s Phillipa here again for another episode of Meet the Community. Today, I have with me the beautiful Jazzy O Deane. Jazzy or Jasmine?

Jazzy: Jazzy.

Phillipa: Jazzy.

Jazzy: Yep. Jazzy, yeah.

Phillipa: Yes, yes.

Jazzy: Yep.

Phillipa: So, Jazzy has been part of a mastermind this weekend with one of her mentors and one of the leaders within The Freedom Era, Tee A Gardner, originally from Rotorua in New Zealand?

Jazzy: Yes, yep.

Phillipa: Yeah.

Jazzy: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Phillipa: She’s traveled about an hour to be here at the mastermind with Tee this weekend. So I thought this would be a really good opportunity to grab her, being that Jazzy is a member of The Freedom Era, and to, yeah, just give you a little bit of an interview and an opportunity to share your experience of being in a platform, being in the community, and some of the growth and transformation that you’ve been through.

Jazzy: Yeah.

Phillipa: Yep. So the first question that I’ll ask you, Jazzy, is what was the reason that you decided to jump into the platform and also get started with a high ticket product as well?

Jazzy: Yep. So, I joined because I came across Tee, who’s our leader, as part of a mentorship that I undertook with her. Then I’d come along to the blueprint event at Whakatane to learn more about the high ticket item and the entire business, obviously. I could see the absolute potential in it. To be honest at the time, I didn’t feel like I had the skills or ability to actually be able to run the business adequately. But I knew, based on the women that were involved and the information behind it and the tools that were available to me, that I would actually be able to learn that and take that on, actually learn it and implement it.

So yeah, I took a chance on myself. I don’t know everything, I haven’t got a business background and I just knew it. I felt it inside me that it was the right thing to do for me, and that’s why I did it, that’s why I got into it. Yeah, yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah.

Jazzy: Yeah.

Phillipa: So, you’re still working at the moment?

Jazzy: Yeah, I’m still working. Yeah, I’m still working at the moment. Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah, and what capacity have you been able to have with working in a job and also growing a business online?

Jazzy: Yep. So I still got time to show up online, put myself right out there, grow myself personally and also grow myself in terms of the business model to The Freedom Era platform. So, there’s still plenty of time for that. I don’t feel like I’m pushed for time, it’s actually just about being really organized with yourself. That comes with time too. I mean, I am quite an organized person anyway, but I’ve just learned to become more organized and more structured.

If anything, the business has helped strengthen my discipline around actually being structured with time and things. So yeah, so it has actually done a lot for me in that regard, as well as build my skill and capability in the digital marketing online business space. Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah, awesome. You’re someone that I’ve seen just continuously take action, continuously show up. What has been some of what you feel has been your biggest growth moments and learnings?

Jazzy: Yeah. I’d probably say being a part of the group that I am, which is the embodiment connection, just being able to connect with like-minded people. This group is honestly all about supporting each other. I guess it’s a safe and intimate container where we all come together to support each other, but we also do our own individual work as well, like our work within ourselves to be able to put ourselves out online and also learn and implement the things that we do learn from The Freedom Era and for our own online businesses.

A big part of it is belonging to the collective, and some of the biggest growths I’ve had is within our group. But through The Freedom Era and going through the different modules, learning those different skills and abilities and implementing them and taking action. With my community, with the community that is provided through The Freedom Era, that’s where I’ve pulled, I guess, a lot of leverage off a lot of my strength.

Also spaces where I haven’t been strong, I’ve been able to have that support to actually push myself more where I needed to be pushed when I was feeling away or insecure or unsafe. Yeah, so it’s been growth all along the way. I’m completely a different person to what I was when I joined. Honestly, totally different, yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah.

Jazzy: Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah, and so you’ve been to multiple masterminds and events within the community, you were at Freedom Era in the Gold Coast as well. What was that experience for you going to Freedom Era and seeing the wider community of 800 people that are growing their business online, that are there to uplevel their mindset? How did that feel to you when you went over there?

Jazzy: I knew that it was going to be amazing, but I didn’t know how amazing it was going to be. We literally walked in, we come in on level one and before we could hear anything, you could just feel the energy. Literally, we were like, “Where do we go? Oh yeah, we go this way.” We couldn’t see anything or anyone, we could just feel the way. So we started walking down this massive hallway around these corners, and everything was getting louder, I was like, “Holy.” Said a few more words than holy.

We just walked in and we looked down and there was just hundreds of people, and we were jumping around and we hadn’t even said hello to anybody. It was literally transformational, life-changing. I didn’t even realize how impactful it would be. It felt like a beam of light, that we were just in a pool of light that entire weekend. Literally you could feel the energy, you could feel the love. Yeah, it was like we were just this ray of light in amongst … because everything that was happening around us and that happened post that was just even a stronger indicator that we were that light at that time. It was just phenomenal, I can’t even explain it.

Phillipa: Oh, yes.

Jazzy: Yeah.

Phillipa: [crosstalk 00:06:59]

Jazzy: Yeah, it was just so good. Yeah, so good.

Phillipa: Yeah, and so hopefully my eyelashes don’t come off, because you’re going to make me tear up and cry with all this emotion I can feel.

Jazzy: Yeah.

Phillipa: So, how important has it been for you to be connected with other people that are on the same vibe as you? Because before coming into The Freedom Era, I think just from what I know from your background, you had met Tee at a different event. So, you didn’t know her before that event and you just started following her. Did you know anyone else that’s part of The Freedom Era before that?

Jazzy: Knew nobody.

Phillipa: How has that been from not knowing people and then joining the community, and then all of a sudden you’ve got all of these bestest, bestest friends in the world

Jazzy: Yeah, I know. It’s crazy and it’s insane. I literally only knew Tee and I joined and I was literally crapping my pants, but I was like, “This is a good thing.” I knew it was good, I just felt it. I knew I had to join it, because I knew it would take me places that I was way too scared to go by myself. I’ve said this on my own Facebook page and lives and other things, that if all I ever got out of this whole entire experience, this business, was the collective of amazing women that I am now a part of, I would literally die a happy woman.

The business is the cream, that’s how I feel. It’s the bonus. We get to have all these beautiful connections, genuine connections, as people that are all on the same pathway, same vibration. They lift you up, they support you. It’s like we’ve known each other for years, and it’s kind of a bit scary, because friends and family are like, “Who are these people?”

Phillipa: “Who are these people? You’ve only just met them.”

Jazzy: Yeah, all of a sudden you’re sisters and besties, but it actually is, it’s a real deal thing. Because we’re just so aligned and so connected on so many levels, it just is, and you just can’t help it. But what you get out of it is, yes, the connection, but it’s the alignment, it’s the growth, it’s just so much on so many levels. The business is, I see it as just the cream. It’s just a bonus that comes out of it, and it’s such a beautiful bonus at that, and it just happened. It just happens, it’s just

Phillipa: Yeah.

Jazzy: Ease and flow, yeah.

Phillipa: Woo.

Jazzy: [inaudible 00:09:33]

Phillipa: Yeah, and what’s your vision? I know you went through a lot of work today, so you probably have it clear in your head. What’s your vision for yourself now?

Jazzy: Yeah, my vision for me right now is just to really step out and just do the work. I’ve had to download that part of my purpose here is to continue to raise consciousness, in whatever ways that is. For me, I feel it’s just by being me, just by being myself, to slipping more onto myself every single day. I still get nervous when I jump on and do lives on my Facebook page. All that stuff happens, but I know it’s because I’m meant to be doing it.

If I just felt like, “Oh, okay, let’s just do this.” Then I’m like, “Oh, this is not actually doing anything for me. I’m not growing, nothing’s happening.” So, it’s just to continue in the space, really push myself every day outside and keep pushing into the discomfort, so that I can continue to grow and continue to empower and encourage other people as well in this space. Yeah, and to continuously connect and just let people know how empowering this business is and the opportunities that it provides you.

Yes, in a financial space and a wealth and abundance space, but abundance in so many areas, which is connection, because we’re all wired for connection, aligned people, ability to uplevel and skill yourself. Online business, but also other personal things as well. That’s the difference with this businesses, is it’s not just about making the money and making dollars. Yeah, that’s an amazing outcome from all of the personal development and growth that you get to do as part of this journey. So, I just don’t know why everybody’s just not in it. I’m just like, “Get on there, what are you waiting for, seriously?”

Phillipa: Yeah, and so then, [inaudible 00:11:29] us to our last question. What advice would you give people who are watching this right now that may be in the same situation or in the same line of thinking as you were before you were part of the community? What would be the advice you would give to them right now?

Jazzy: Yeah. So what I told to myself who was inexperienced in business, let alone online business, knowing how to do anything social media-wise. I didn’t even have an Instagram account before I started. I just trusted in the concept of the business, trusted in the people that lead me there, which was Tee, and that was through you, Phillipa.

I trusted that this actually was an opportunity for me to really be able to step into freedom, ultimately. Because that’s the ultimate actual true goal is freedom. I know that this opportunity is getting me closer to that every single day, and in the same way as actually building and growing myself, every single day. That’s, yes, personal freedom and financial freedom.

Phillipa: Yeah.

Jazzy: You don’t have to know everything, you don’t have to know it all, because you get to have access to all the tools and the people, and the people. The connections, the experts that actually do provide you with the support. It’s not just say they will be or be they will, but they actually do. You actually get that one-on-one support.

What I love is that it’s local people. We’re Australian and New Zealanders, we know these people, they’re not just people that we see on a screen and never meet with or connect with or know. So for me, that’s really important, the actual connection part.

Phillipa: Yeah.

Jazzy: Yeah. So that’s so …

Phillipa: Yeah, totally. I think as adults as well, we kind of don’t know how to make friends anymore.

Jazzy: Totally. Yeah, I literally don’t.

Phillipa: It’s like, if I want a friend, how do I get to be friends with people and join your business-

Jazzy: Yeah, actual-

Phillipa: And be friends with people?

Jazzy: Totally.

Phillipa: Yeah, amazing. Well, thank you so much, Jazzy, for jumping on and sharing. For those of you that are watching, let us know in the comments what was something that you’ve taken away that you know that you get to implement now, based on Jazzy’s share tonight. Thank you.

Jazzy: Thank you.

Phillipa: Bye.

Jazzy: Bye.