If you’re in business and are wanting more leads and sales, you would have felt the pain of trying to attract people to you.

When you’re someone that is passionate about what they do in their business – the marketing stuff? An inconvenience.

Look, I get it, and I see myself as a marketer!

All I want to do is help people, not learn the latest trick or hack or strategy.

Alas, it’s part of the game to be able to market yourself so you can get more leads and sales to your business, and if you’re not willing to do this, you’re not going to have anyone to help! Free or paid.

So here are 3 tips to help you attract more people to you so that they actually start following and eventually, give you money to help them.

1. Be Clear On The Exact Value You Have To Offer

You’re multi-passionate about a million different things “nobody puts baby in a corner“. If you’re being too broad with your message and the value you’re offering in your social media posts and marketing, your audience won’t know which way to look.

Which store do you think sells more birthday cards?
A Variety Store/$2 Shop, or a Gift Shop?

Sure, a Variety Store or $2 Shop would have cheaper birthday cards, but a Gift Shop specifically stocks birthday cards because they come as part of the gift giving process and usually the cards in the Gift Shop are better quality.

A Variety Store says “look at all the different items we have!”
A Gift Shop says “we specialise in the gift giving experience!”

Which one are you?

Get clear on the exact value you have to give by being clear on your message and sticking to it. You’re not missing out on getting more leads and sales if you focus and zone in on the exact message you have, you’re actually gaining more of the right and aligned people.

Which brings us to number 2…

2. Know Who Your Target Audience/Niche/Soul Avatar Is

Look, it’s not wrong to want to be the Variety Store/$2 Shop, it’s totally fine if that’s the type of brand you align with.

But I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that because you’re reading this blog, you actually want to be a bit more high end.

You want to be able to make more money by selling less things, and you want to attract high level people to your business.

This is where knowing who those people are comes in handy.

When you’re creating your brand you get to think about who it is you want to attract in because this plays a huge part in everything.

If you look at your social media profiles – what do they say about you in terms how does it all feel and flow and what type of people would you attract when they look at them?

If they read your posts and watched your videos, would who you want to attract in to your business get what you’re on about, will they resonate with it, will they see you as someone to continue following and to trust to help them?

So many things come into play here that I can’t fit into a section of a blog post, but if you want to dive deeper into attracting your target audience, jump in to The Freedom Era with us and go through out comprehensive training around getting more leads and sales in your business.

Alright, let’s get on to number 3.

3. Keep Consistent Momentum Going

The thing about running your own business and being your own boss, besides it being freaking awesome and being freedom, is that you don’t have anyone to keep you accountable except yourself.

It’s a good thing, and it’s also not especially if you’re prone to dropping the ball and “not feeling like it” when it comes doing the tasks in your business that move the needle forward.

We’re human.
We have emotions, we have life, we have family, if you’re a woman you get your period and hormonal, we get tired, the laundry mountain that’s taking up the entire 3 seater couch keeps taunting us, we get hungry…

You get it.

There’s always something to distract us.

If you really want to grow an amazing business that supports you, be consistent with your actions.

This is where discipline, processes and systemisation come in.

Me personally, my partner and I have 5 children together from the ages of 5 – 14. I’m an emotional person, introverted and sensitive. I’m only sharing this part right now to drive the next point home for you…

Create systems for every thing you do in your business.

A business is a place that requires structure and it requires for tasks to be done and complete consistently.

Marketing your business every now and then isn’t going to move the needle forward and attract more leads and sales, and you’ll find yourself frustrated and wanting to give up.

Make lists and if you have to? Discipline yourself to get the main things done.

Example: on your list for the day may be

– gratitude journal
– write a blog post
– follow up with 5 leads
– do 3 separate Insta stories (1 with CTA)
– write an on-boarding email sequence
– create landing page for webinar next week
– create Facebook event for group call

The ones in bold are non-negotiables, the others are important but they don’t absolutely need to be done right now.

Get the non-negotiables done as soon as possible and as quickly as possible.

I like to get mine done before 11am and they usually only take an hour or two a day.

Consistent action creates momentum which grows your business with more ease and flow.

For this week, take one of these tips and focus on just that until you feel you’ve nailed it, and then move on to the next.

And let me know in the comments which one you’re starting with.

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