This post is from The Freedom Era community member and leader, Tariq EQ Amawi.


How To Fail At Life In 22 Easy Steps!

(Advice, do the opposite if you actually want to succeed)tariq

1. Get business strategy advice from your friends in jobs they don’t like. They can tell you how being an entrepreneur won’t work

2. Receive nutritional/fitness advice from people who are out of shape or unhealthy


3. Silently keep asking with everyone you meet, ‘but what’s in it for me?’

4. Complain and judge regularly. Pepper your spoken dialogues with choice negative words such as ‘no’, ‘not, ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’, ‘won’t, ‘shouldn’t’ and ‘bad’

5. Let unhappy people scare you off your new idea and your dreams since they’ve figured it out

6. Take news as gospel and mainstream TV as a behavioural blue print. Try as hard as you can to be normal

7. Stay away from delusional optimists by surrounding yourself with cynical, realists

8. Avoid the hurt of love by staying alone and not letting anyone in

9. See money as evil and see what you can do to blame it for everything you don’t have

10. Steer clear of meditation, yoga, plant medicine and other spiritual practices. They are all hippie nonsense that take time away from profit-producing activity

11. Answer all questions in your life with a Google search

12. Avoid all travel where possible and other people who run the risk of seeing things differently

13. Show the world you can do it all by yourself by never asking for help and pushing others down

14. Blame the past and parents and ex lovers for everything wrong with your ongoing experience

15. Surround yourself with people who aspire to so much less than you do in life so as to boost your self-esteem and help you feel more accomplished

16. Numb all your emotions with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and prescription medication

17. If you really want something, there are lots of other people who want that thing too right? Don’t waste energy trying to get it. Lower your standards

18. If you never try then you NEVER fail. Stay a WINNER by only doing stuff you know

19. Eat cheaply so that you can afford more expensive clothes and status symbols

20. Treat everyone with doubt and suspicion until they earn your trust

21. Never change your beliefs, even when new insight makes you question them

22. Use your imagination to visualise worst-case scenarios, repeatedly


Got it? Great. Now don’t do any of that.

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