Phillipa: Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Meet the Community. I’m Phillipa O Wirangi and today I have with me the amazing Alayna W. Nathe who is in¬† California. You’re in California, are you?

Alayna: Yes, I am. In Santa Cruz, California.

Phillipa: Yeah. Amazing. She’s a mom to two teenage kids and those are her kids in the picture there surfing. Alayna is an ex athlete, surfer, roller derby, lots of other things as well I’m sure. And also a member of the Freedom Era community as well, and also one at the leaders within the community. So super excited to chat with you today, Alayna, and just have a conversation around your experience within the community and what you’ve been going through and also what your vision is. So let’s start with, so you’ve been super, super active in your life and probably I’m assuming like lots and lots of outdoor time, why the transition into an online business now?

Alayna: That’s a really great question. When I think of those two things side by side, to me, they’re not independent of each other. My drive and desire to live an outdoor life, to be active, to go surf and travel with my kids. I can achieve that, I can have that freedom to go do those things outside, if I have a thriving online business. And the beauty of working online is you can really do it in the cracks of your day. I can do it from the beach on my phone, just because I have an online business doesn’t mean I have to be in a dark little office looking at my laptop all day, right? So to me, having a thriving online business is a fantastic way to free up the rest of my life so I can do what actually gives me passion and joy, which is staying active.

Phillipa: Yeah. Amazing. And so what does your day look like in terms of working on business and spending time with family and also the fun things that you like to do as well?

Alayna: That’s a great question. So a day, typically, for me involves I get up and I usually go for a run with some friends. Since this interesting pandemic, I’ve been running a lot more, which is new and interesting. And so I’ll go and I’ll work out in the morning usually, and then I’ll come home and I’ll work on my business. I’ll do a few calls. I actually do some business specialists calls for the Freedom Era collective, which I really am honored to be able to do. So I’ll talk to a few people from around the world that are looking at starting an online business. We’ll game plan for them and strategize and see what’s going to fit for them. And after I wrap up a few calls, I’ll do a little bit of work on my own business, building my brand, maybe building some ads or some content.

And then I usually go work out again, not always twice a day, but in the evenings, I’ll go work out at the gym. The gym right now, which is my friend’s backyard because all the gyms are closed. So in the evenings, I’ll go maybe work out again, go for a walk with my partner or really just unplug. I love actually just putting my feet up on the couch, snuggling, watching Netflix and just totally unplugging in the evenings. And I love that I can structure my business around what I like to do, meaning it doesn’t run my life. So I’ve created some boundaries around my time and I actually get to just unplug what I want to and work when I want to.

Phillipa: Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. So since being part of the Freedom Era community, what is one lesson or quote or thought of something that you’ve held onto for the entire time that you just always remind yourself of?

Alayna: Oh, I just feel like we have such a gift within the Freedom Era community. We have such a gift to share with so many people on the planet that are looking to build a thriving, anything online, whether it’s you have an existing business or you have a coaching program or you have a book you want to sell, or you don’t even know what to sell. I feel like we have a gift to share with everybody because what we have in this platform, it can help people step into just amazing new levels in whatever business it is they’re wanting to create and even just new levels in their own personal growth. So I just remind myself every single day that we truly have a gift to share with the world and my job is just to kind of shout it from the rooftops and share it with as many people as possible.

Phillipa: Amazing. And what are some of the things that you’ve been able to create within your own life because of now being part of the community and running your business online?

Alayna: Have you got a couple hours? Because that’s a really big question.

Phillipa: No, we have 10 minutes.

Alayna: Because honestly my life has completely transformed, I say this all the time. I’ve been in this community for 18 months and I come from a background of network marketing where I struggled and hustled for five and a half years to really even break even in the industry. And so what I’ve been able to create in 18 short months here is completely transformative. From the inner personal growth, I’ve really found my voice, stepped into leadership, really stepped into who I’m here to be and who I’m here to connect with. And so the personal growth that I’ve had in this space has changed my life and will have changed it from this day forward. And I think that’s the thing I’m most past passionate sharing with people about it is the personal growth work that you can do in this space.

And then in terms of business, what I’ve been able to create is 10 X anything I ever even dreamt of doing in my network marketing company, because what we’re able to do here is really just amplify business on such an amazing level. And so from an income [inaudible 00:06:32] sense, I’ve created more income in this space than I ever was able to in network marketing, in five and a half years in network marketing, I’ve completely surpassed my income. I’ve been able to take my entire family over to Australia, which from California is quite a trip. I’ve been to Australia twice and New Zealand a couple of times as well. And so giving my family the ability to travel, which is my greatest passion, it’s my biggest why. Family, freedom and travel are my three main values. And so this platform and this community has helped me really embrace those values and really experience success in all those areas.

Phillipa: So good. And so you spoke about personal development there and so mindset and inner work is one of the seven pillars in the Freedom Era community. And I think what we have that is really amazing in the community is the high level experts and also some of the other leaders within the community who come in and teach on each of the seven pillars. In regards to the personal development and mindset pillar, who has been someone within the community or one of the experts that have come in that you’ve really learnt a lot from, in terms of that piece there and what have you learned?

Alayna: Wow. Again I could go on and on about the level of training and the different experts, but if you wanted me to pinpoint one person, probably the most influential person in teaching these pillars for me has been Serena Larcombe. In her consistency and her mindset work, she consistently has taught and lived. She does walk the walk and talks the talk. She lives in this high vibrational state. And she has been a huge mentor to me in teaching me the tips and the tools and the strategies to daily raise my vibration so that I can call on exactly what I want. So I can become the master manifestor that I am today. And also Phillipa, you and your journaling trainings were some of my very first experiences into really diving deep into manifestation.

But Serena has been pivotal and the money story work that Kristie and Rebekah Femia do in the very first week in the 30 day fast start has been life changing for me and so many people on my team, just doing that inner work around your money story, which is crucial to us as entrepreneurs to be able to move into the next levels of success. When we heal our relationship with money and accept that we are beacons for abundance, and that abundance is truly our birthright. And we get to shed all those old stories about money and wealth and really step into that new place of receiving. So I’d say that the abundance and mindset of high vibrational trainings have been the most pivotal for me.

Phillipa: Amazing. Amazing. And so what is your vision for yourself, for your business, for your family?

Alayna: It grows and changes all the time in a really beautiful way. But my vision for myself really includes the people that I’m here to impact. So my vision for my business and for my team is that I just continue to reach other people that are ready to make a dynamic change in their life. People that are ready to step out of their old comfort zone, people that are ready to find their voice and create impact, that are really ready to just step up and stop repeating their old patterns. So for me, my vision is to create a team of people, attract people from around the world that are absolutely just ready to shine because that’s really my mission is to help people find their shine.

And I really want to create a life where my family gets to live, not off the grid, but we’re actually like always hunting for property on a river with 10 plus acres. I just want to spread my wings and retire on a beautiful piece of property near some water so I can be in the water more. We just have a beautiful vision to travel and take our business everywhere with us, because you really can. Wherever you can bring your phone and your laptop, you can build this business. So that’s our vision is to just travel the world, see all the beautiful beaches, and impact as many people around the world as we can with this incredible gift.

Phillipa: Yeah. It’s so funny, whenever someone says similar to that where they want to live by the water with acreage, I’m always thinking, “Well, then you need to come and live in New Zealand.”

Alayna: Okay. You don’t have to twist my arm. Yeah, no, I’m addicted to real estate. So I check real estate everywhere around the world all the time, all day long. So I’ve got my eye on Australia, New Zealand. Who knows I might be your neighbor one day.

Phillipa: Yeah. Awesome. Amazing. And so last question. What advice do you have to anyone that’s watching this right now that might be feeling into getting started in the Freedom Era, but they’re just not taking the action just yet? What’s your advice for them?

Alayna: Good question. What I always say is you have nothing to lose in this space. You’re able to look at what’s here risk-free, you’re able to take some steps into the platform and really take a look at it and decide if it’s for you. I call this beautiful platform an alignment journey. So every step along the way you get to decide if this is for you or not, and you keep opening the next door and the next door. But what you need to do is take that first step. And it’s really not a huge risk. It’s just taking that first step, opening that first door, seeing what’s here and heart and soul you’ll know if this is for you when you take that first step into the platform. So I would just say, “Don’t be afraid. This is your time. Take that first step and open the door.”

Phillipa: Amazing. Amazing. Thank you so much, Alayna, for-

Alayna:  Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Phillipa: You have an amazing rest of your day. And if you’re here watching this right now, we’d love to know in the comments, what is something that you have taken from this conversation with Alayna today? Maybe it’s something that you get to take action on for yourself. Maybe it’s something you get to look into further for yourself. Just let us know down in the comments. All right, bye.

Alayna: Fantastic. Bye, guys.