How do you be someone that steps up and leads others?
How do you make an impact on peoples lives and encourage them to step into their power?

These are questions I found myself asking.

The answer though, which came through one morning when I was journaling and praying and diving deeper to really see what and how I get to step up more myself, is that in order to Lead from an empowered place, you get to speak your truth and live by example.

Being a leader by example.
Inspiring by example.
Impacting by example.

There isn’t anything I had to Do, any tasks I had to create, any external processes that needed to be created.
The answer was plain and simple.

To create more powerful and impactful and inspiring leaders, you get to BE that yourself.

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No amount of posts and livestreams and videos are going to work if you’re not being in a space of leadership for yourself on a personal level.

This is the same with children, they grow and learn by example.
They see their parents and they do what they do.

What you get to realise is that those have been called to lead, need to see you in your element being a leader.
They need to see how you handle the fire, how you hold yourself through adversity, how you keep posture for who you are – so they feel comfortable and safe to be the same for themselves.

I share when people have a go at me because I know that there are so many people who are judged and are attacked and have no idea how to deal with that.
I show them what I do and how I deal with it and handle it, so they know that they don’t have to be affected by it.

I share my wins so they know what’s possible for them too.

I share my adversity so they can see that I also go through heart-breaking and traumatic things, just as they do, and that life gets to be different when they choose for it to be and they do what it takes to create life on their terms.

So instead of telling people what to do, I changed it up, and just showing more of me.
Sharing my own stuff.
Giving people a look into my heart and soul and head.

Leadership comes from being your fully expressed self and allowing yourself to be seen by more people, so that they can see that you’re doing the thing.

You. Are. Powerful.

Those of you who know adversity, who no matter what always get back up and keep going, those of you who know they are here on this Earth for huge things, those of you who know that you have a message to share with the world, that people get to listen to you and SEE you, those who know that when you speak and that message lands for the right person that their life is going to change.

You’re a truth speaker.
A messenger.
Someone who is ready to rise up even more.

A Leader.


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