Phillipa: Hi, everyone Philippa here. And today I have joining me the beautiful, Aavia Whiu. We are here together for this episode of Meet the Community. As Aavia has traveled, how many hours?

Aavia: Three hours from Raglan, New Zealand.

Phillipa: Three hours from Raglan, in New Zealand. We are here in Edgecumbe in New Zealand, which is near Whakatane, which is where I actually live. Aavia’s been spending the day with one of her mentors, and leaders within the freedom era at Tee A Gardner. So I thought this would be a really awesome opportunity to interview Aavia. Being a member of the Freedom Era community, I think you’ve only been in the community for a few months now. How many?

Aavia: Maybe five max.

Phillipa: Yeah, five months, and you have your beautiful daughter, Millie Maple.

Aavia: I do. She’s five.

Phillipa: Yeah. Amazing. And so, I think what we can kick it off with is, what I see from you is that you’ve been through a really massive transformation over the past five months of being part of the community. So, what are like the couple of things specifically that you’ve grown through, or transformed through?

Aavia: So for me, which was brought to my attention this weekend, one of the girls said to me, “Do you realize that you always take action?” Yeah. Like you, as somebody who takes action. That really sat with me and really resonated with me, because when I came into the business, I had everything against me. All odds seemed to be against me, but I trusted within myself, and I trusted the journey with my intuition to just lean in, and do the thing, and come into the Freedom Era. So, it started there. Yeah.

Phillipa: Yeah.

Aavia: Yeah, and then since then it’s just been an ongoing ethic. The biggest things that I seem to do, I have the biggest shifts within myself, and within my inner growth have come from making those really big decisions, but just trusting, and knowing that it’s all going to fall into place.

Phillipa: Yeah, and one of those big decisions right at the beginning was investing into the high ticket offer, and being someone that is a solo mom, like what was that experience for you going to like that higher ticket level?

Aavia: Yeah, So yeah, I had to really just let all my walls come down. I had had enough what I was doing previously, and that wasn’t working for me anymore. I wanted to try something new, and I just sort of had to take that leap of faith. I just had to step in, and I just knew that it was going to serve me, and I didn’t understand how. I didn’t even understand anything about the business.

I honestly didn’t even know anything. I was just like, I’m doing it. It just felt right for me, through Tee and then through Phillipa. It just felt aligned and I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t put it into words. It was just a feeling. It’s even coming out with me now, within my heart just knowing like what it was like, but you know, because I dealt with you then, the resistance that I was having about coming in. Once I made that decision, I was like, “Okay, I’m doing it. I’m all in.”

Phillipa: Yeah. Yeah, totally. And so, you’ve had like quite a number of experiences of meeting people within the Freedom Era community. There’s this weekend. There’s like a couple of other weekends, and also with Freedom Fest that you flew over to the Gold Coast for. It was only like a couple of months after being part of the community when you decided one, “Okay, I’m going to be part of the community”. Two, getting the high ticket, offer. Three, flying over to the Gold Coast for…

Aavia: Gold in the Gold. 

Phillipa: Getting the gold ticket for a four day event. How has that been with all of that. Just the community, and definitely like a lot of action taking as well.

Aavia: Yeah. Yeah. A lot of action taking, and again, like I didn’t even know what Freedom Fest was. I didn’t need to know. I just saw Phillipa do a live about it. I was watching, and I was like, “Hey, I need to be there.” I don’t even know what it is, and I don’t even need to know, but I just knew that I needed to be there. So, taking the action, and then having the experience of meeting everybody in the community. It just was mind-blowingly yeah. It was amazing.

Phillipa: With Freedom Fairs, what was one of your biggest takeaways that you got from there?

Aavia:  So, the biggest thing that came up for me and the realization, or the awakening that I had within myself, was that I have already everything within myself. I no longer need to search externally for anything, that everything that I need on the journey that I’m on, I already hold within myself.

So that was one of the biggest shifts that I had, and I was down on the beach actually. I didn’t know that that was what I was looking for. I didn’t go there with any expectations on anything. I just went in there with the intentions of opening up to any opportunity, any experience, any one, anybody that was there. I was open to receiving anything, and that’s what came through for me.

Has been in my truth. That is what this is all about as Aavia being Aavia, and being in my truth, and speaking my truth, and expressing my truth.

Phillipa: Yeah. That’s so powerful. And I’ve seen someone else have that same realization with them before. I also saw that they receive feedback from someone that they know, saying that if you have everything within yourself, why are you investing into a platform? Why are you getting/seeking guidance, and help from other people if you have it within yourself. Thinking of like both of those sides for you, what do you see the importance of being part of like a community like this.

Aavia: I think it does comes down to connection, and support and knowing that it goes beyond this business, it goes beyond sometimes even your own understanding, but it is about connection. I had everything within me, but this is just another vessel that I can use to transport me to where I need to be, where I desire to be, and to help, to create and embody the life that I truly deserve and desire.

Phillipa: Hmm. Love it. So, what about your vision? Like describe what your vision is?

Aavia: So my vision is freedom, and freedom for me is freedom of my time, and freedom to choose however I decide to live my life, freedom to go where I want to go, and be where I want to be invest into where I want to invest, whether it be with people, or with energy exchange. It’s having the freedom of choice then.

That’s probably the main thing, is the freedom, which is why I came in initially was to create that freedom of their lifestyle.

Phillipa: Yeah. So powerful, and what would be advice that you would give to someone that’s watching this that may be feeling like they don’t know what it is or they’re not sure what they would do with it as well? What would be your advice for those people watching.

Aavia: My biggest piece of advice that I could give to anybody would be to trust your intuition, trust yourself. And I feel emotional when I say that, because I feel so strongly connected to my own intuition, and to my own self. Let your intuition guide you, because you already know, and stop having that internal conflict, and better with yourself that what you feel is right, that’s right for you, and that’s right for you right then. That would be my first thing. Then just to take action, like just literally do the thing, and that stuck with me with Phillipa is like, just do the thing. Have all the things, do all the things. Be all the things, enjoy all the things. That’s about the experience. It’s not about the end result. It’s about the experience between here, and through your journey.

Phillipa: Amazing, thank you so much for sharing.

Aavia: Thank you, Phillipa. Thank you for having me.

Phillipa: If you’re watching drop down in the comments, like what was one takeaway that you’ve taken from Aavia’s share today, let us know in the comments. All right. Thank you. 

Aavia: I love you guys, bye.


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