This blog post is from community member, Kelly J Moller.

I’m just gonna say it…

Monday’s used to be “S H I T D A Y” for me…

I used to get triggered when I’d see the motivational Monday posts and think c’mon ppl, get real…Monday Sux!!!

I’d come back after a weekend away from my biz to find a full inbox and a long list of tasks and feel the need to gain ultimate productivity on day one.

I used my productivity as a measure of my self worth.

If something came up and I couldn’t get stuff done, I’d be angry at myself.

These days, Monday mornings look a little different.

I spend this time working on a project FAR more important than task lists and emails.


I used to believe that inner work was gimmicky. I believed it was just a trend. A thing that people did, “other people”, not me.

I never realised the power of it to change outcomes until I actually started doing it.

Incorporating inner work AMPLIFIED my results!

I’ve seen the numbers in my business.

I’ve done the work
I haven’t done the work
I’ve done the work
I haven’t done the work

I’ve studied the patterns in my business and as much as my ego wanted to doubt this theory and believe I didn’t need this “fluffy stuff”…the results, the numbers…have proven themselves in my business with this again and again and again!


Because when I do the inner work…

My responses are different.

The actions I take in my business are different.

My commitment is different.

I AM different.

Instead of coming from a place of ego and fear, I can instead come from a place that serves everyone in the best possible way.

When I do the inner work, my business stops being just about numbers and business.

It becomes about something so much bigger.

My vision.
Self growth.
Lessons for my children.
Supporting the vision of others.

Business can be simply just a tool for creating dolla’s and that’s ok, there’s no judgement here.

But it can also unlock something amazing.

It can create expansion in all areas of your life.

It can lead you to re-evaluate your entire perspective of what abundance really means.

And so Monday mornings is about setting the tone for the week.

It’s about connecting with all the things that trigger me to keep expanding, to serve and to align with a vision that stretches far beyond myself.


How are Monday’s for you?
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