What is Freedom anyway?

These days, Freedom seems to be one of those words that is loosely thrown around leaving people scratching their heads like…

What the heck are you talking about?

What we’ve found, is that the meaning of Freedom is a personal one. It’s not something that fits in a box.
So we asked some of your community members in The Freedom Era what Freedom means to them, here are their answers.


Freedom to me is flow. It’s flow in all aspects of my life, witnessing and enjoying the ease in which all things delicious have become part of my everyday. Beautiful soul connections, meaningful relationships, time and financial means to live life as I wish. It’s jumping out of bed each morning excited for the new day and a new opportunity.


– Suzie Cobden, 60 years old, Cowra, Central NSW


Freedom to me is to do what I want when I want without stress.


– David Nieuwenhoven, Gold Coast, QLD


Freedom to me, is the means, ability and self-permission to go, be and do what lights me up on the inside and the outside.  The means and know-how to help others discover and explore their purpose and passions too!  Where ever, when ever, how ever!


– Craig A Hoy, Cairns, QLD


Freedom to me means having the ability to make decisions that are not based on whether I have enough money in the bank.
Freedom of CHOICE.
Freedom to design my life without consent from anyone outside of myself.
Freedom to escape the 9-5, hustle and grind.
Freedom to wake up to my own body clock and not sit in the hamster wheel that society dictates is the ‘norm’.


– Rosetta Matina, Melbourne, VIC


Freedom to me means being fully available to my family.  It means being able to create amazing experiences for my kids and teaching them how to create freedom of choice in a way that fully aligns with them!…and it’s riding my dirtbike as often as I like! 😉


– Kelly Moller, Central Queensland


Freedom to me? Means being able to say YES to all of the things I used to have say NO to because of lack of time or money….
Yes to travel with my family around the world! Yes to more adventures!
Yes to more JOY!
Yes to less Debt!
Freedom is finding what aligns for you and going ALL IN on it to build your vision!


– Alayna W Nathe, California, USA


Freedom is living a life of pure choice!


– Michelle & Justin Nicholls, Sunshine Coast QLD


Freedom to me is being able to say YES to experiences and opportunities without having to ask permission. Getting to show my girls that life gets to be whatever they choose it to be…and we choose extraordinary!


– Dona M Jolie California, USA


Freedom to me is being able to do anything I decide.


– Jayne A Bryson, ND, Queensland


Let us know in the comments, what does Freedom mean to you?

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