Phillipa: Hey everyone, welcome to another amazing episode of Meet The Community. My name is Phillipa and today I have with me the beautiful Jax, who is calling in from… Where are you calling in from again, sunshine?

Jax: Brisbane.

Phillipa: Brisbane?

Jax: Brisbane. Yeah.

Phillipa: I knew it was Queensland somewhere. So Jax is going to have a little bit of a conversation so you can get to know who she is and what she’s about. And I’d love for you to give us a little bit of an intro on that right now please, Jax.

Jax: I love this question. Thank you so much Phillipa. Jax, who is Jax? Jax is everyone and no one at the same time. I love this, I love sharing because there was a time where I was really attached to my identity and who I should be and what I am doing and kind of like merging it in. But in all fairness, I’m literally a rollercoaster of a human being. One moment I am on the floor crying and wondering what’s going on with the world, and next moment I feel like the queen of the world. Another moment now I’m eating chocolate, watching Netflix. I’m literally everything and no one. And I love that because I literally get to just be human being and do all of the things. I am currently in Brisbane, and I am a… I guess you could call me a representative of the LightWorkers, that’s what I feel really called to right now. And it’s something that I enjoy very much and I love Light work, but I also love online business at the same time.

Phillipa: So cool. So talking about online business, why did you choose to have an online business then?

Jax: Flexibility, freedom, creativity, all of the things. Really, it’s because I am 37-years-old and for the last nearly 20 years, so 17 years, I have been working in hospitality. And I love working. I’m not going to lie, I am actually a really hard worker. I love working. But my brain was taking me elsewhere when I was doing the same thing every day. So for me, I was introduced to online business and I loved how it was really uncapped with my creativity and being able to do that. So it has allowed me to really explore my creativity, but also the winning of that is also being able to generate an income, to be able to stay home and continue to be creative. So I love it because of the flexibility and being able to just create anywhere and generate anywhere in the world.

Phillipa: Amazing. And so since being part of The Freedom Era community and the community in general, how has your life changed or what’s been something that’s been new in your life since then?

Jax: So much, and I mean so much. I genuinely came in because I was so dollar sign orientated, I’m not going to lie. I really wanted out from the monotony. But what I actually got from it was so much more. I have discovered versions of myself that I didn’t know existed before. And I feel like this community particularly, it has nurtured all aspects of what I’ve needed spiritually, emotionally, financially, community, all of the things. And just being around people who really believe in limitlessness and infiniteness has really brought me to a version of myself that I was like, “Wow, who am I?”

And so from there, just being introduced to a world where anything is possible, literally, I have just created everything in my life that I never imagined before. And it’s allowed me an opportunity, as a vehicle, allowed me to create everything that I had dreamed of for my own… I wouldn’t even call it a career. I don’t even feel like I’m working. And this is what it’s done for me. And not just me, but my family, my own communities, my friends, it really has just shifted everything in my life.

Phillipa: So good. Amazing. So at The Freedom Era, we focus on the seven steps to creating a thriving business online. So tell us why you feel these seven steps are crucial as a business owner, no matter what it is you’re selling.

Jax: There’s a ecosystem that happens. And I’ve been in business before and there really is no difference. There is these particular steps, absolutely vital. And it’s really, I guess it nurtures human nature. It’s one of my favorite pillars is in fact the community piece. And especially coming from someone who loves to do things on her own and learn morphing it, coming into a community has completely just shredded everything around having to do everything on my own. And yes, it’s really important to be independent, but to be surrounded by like-minded people has completely shifted the game.

So the seven pillars, regardless of anything that we’re selling or we’re doing, if we’re wanting to really not just create an income, but actually create wealth, the seven pillars are vital foundation to create wealth, wealth which is long-lasting, life lasting. And not just wealth in terms of money, but wealth in community and relationships and wealth in wisdom and knowledge and self-esteem and just really abundant wealth in all forms. But the seven pillars really sets us up on such deep levels that you don’t even realize that is so necessary. It’s not just mind stuff, but it really connects you with your heart and soul and you get to really create from that place. But these foundations are just phenomenal but amazing.

Phillipa: Yeah, totally. And especially coming into something like this and seeing the money side, it’s… Because everyone, we love money. Money provides in so many ways and it frees up our mind from thinking of stressing about money. So I love that you just said that, that you just came in and you admitted that you saw the dollar sign and you were like… But then you jump into the community and you’re like, “Wow, there’s so much more here.” And I think that’s really beautiful. And so from that point then, why did you choose to jump into something where one of our focuses, which is one of our pillars, is actually high ticket sales?

Jax: Well, I’d been toying around with low ticket sales for far too long and was getting nowhere. I really was exhausted. I was so exhausted and I realized that something had to shift. Something had to change. There was nothing wrong with the low ticket items or anything like that, but I just really got so tired with the constant work and the constant… And it just made complete sense to me to really upgrade if I need…. Because for me, from where I was, where literally a few weeks before I actually started in this business, I was opening a tin of change of my kids’ money bank, just to buy Christmas presents for Christmas and groceries. That’s where I was. So my mindset at that time needed a massive upgrade and it needed so much more than thinking that I need to work harder.

That had to be every paradigm that I lived in and that I believed in what money was and how to make money and all of those things, it just needed to actually dissolve. So I reached out to Rebecca and it was just everything that she provided. And within this model, the automation, I was like, “This is what needed to shift.” And then the high ticket item, it was scary, but at the same time, when I was looking at the compensation plan, I was like, “Wow, we’ll, that is better. A 10-year plan doing this is way better than a 10-year plan not doing this.” And so that was really my vision was like, “Wow. I really get to create my wealth from here.” So it was just such a no brainer.

Phillipa: Totally. And so what is your vision? If you can describe that to us.

Jax: I love creativity and I love being able to stay at home. I’ll never stop creating and I’ll never stop serving. I’ll never stop hosting events and I’ll never stop doing the thing. That’s not,  I don’t want to even want to retire or anything like that, but I want to stay in that creativity. I don’t want to be called to a shift job or I don’t want to have to go put a uniform on and go to work. I don’t want to do that. I don’t. And so for me, my vision is to be able to really just stay in my creative and also to get property and to have a self-sustained property with a garden and chickens and all of the things and be a woo woo who’s making a lot of money. Staying at home with my partner and my kids, that’s my vision.

And with this vehicle and a high ticket item, it becomes so much more possible with less work. This is not work. This online business is not work. It’s amazing. It gets to be really fun, and that’s what I’ve committed to. I’ve committed to this being fun. I’ve committed to this not being something that I find it’s hard. And if I find something hard, you get to play and shift with strategies in everything that we’re doing. It’s such a flexible thing to be doing in life. And so that’s my vision, is just to continue doing this. And that’s why I keep doing the thing, because it’s like, “Well, what’s the other option?” And the other option is so much more painful.

Phillipa: Totally. And what does a typical day look like for you?

Jax: I love it. [inaudible] sleeping in is optional. I sometimes get up and I go to yoga or Pilates, and then I come home and I make a cacao. And I’ll put some music on and I literally will stay up on my computer or on my phone and I will just do the thing, follow the steps, literally. Follow the steps. I spend a lot of my time with not just with clients, but with mentors as well, just consistently and constantly growing and learning and bettering myself with everything that I can emotionally, spiritually, mentally, all of the things. So my days are literally a dream come true. And I can literally do this anywhere, anytime. I don’t work, like a job. I don’t have to anymore. And I’m really grateful for that. Beginning of 2019… Actually, it was last October that I stopped working and it was the beginning of 2019 that I started in this business and I made it possible because it is possible with this vehicle and now I don’t have to work. And so my days are just amazing.

Phillipa: Yeah. Such a transformation from breaking into your kids’ money tin to now. So what advice would you give to someone who is maybe in that same situation, whether they’re LightWorkers, whether they’re moms or dads, or just anyone out there who is feeling that struggle in that moment, what advice would you give to them now?

Jax: My advice is to really look closely at how you are where you are, and making that commitment to shift. One of the things that I knew that I had to shift straight away, because I wasn’t new to investing, to change my life. I wasn’t new to that. But there was something that needed to shift with my patterns that needed to shift, like how successful i was. So what I did was I looked at my patterns. I didn’t just start with this and then cross my fingers and hope that it works. I dove straight into all the training and education stuff in my room, like three [inaudible] on my belief. I didn’t just let myself get distracted because that’s what I would usually do.

And I literally just put so much focus into this, just so I could really embody what I was dreaming of, the abundance and the prosperity. And so once you can give yourself the gift of focusing in on this and really trusting the vehicle and trusting the education, I know there’s so much that goes into this and trusting that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s here, you get to show up and do the things, but there’s a lot of stuff that needs to shift within us. You just have to be really open to know this and to learn this and not just do this and hope.

Phillipa: Amazing. Beautiful, beautiful advice. It’s about getting in there and taking that action and literally not wishing and hoping upon a star that something is going to change. I love that. Thank you so much for being here with me today, for giving out your time for this, so grateful.

Jax: Amazing, thank you.

Phillipa: Amazing. Thank you, Jax.

Jax: Thank you. See you soon.