Phillipa: Hey everyone. We are here for another amazing episode of Meet The Community. Today I have with me, the beautiful and amazing Serena A. Larcombe, Who is in the Gold Coast. I’m so excited to be able to bring this wonderful woman to you because she is such an inspiration, to not only myself, but also to so many people within our community. And I am certain that after hearing a little bit about her story, that you’re going to feel the same as well. So, hey Serena, thank you so much for jumping on with me today. I’d love for you to tell us a little bit more about yourself, just a little intro.

Serena: Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. I’m super honored, blessed, and grateful to be here. So my name is Serena A. Larcombe and I’m a solo mom of four children. I’ve been in this incredible online community for just over two years now. And really during that time, when I reflect and look back over the last two years, my life has radically transformed. It really has shifted, up leveled, expanded. Words really can’t even explain how much it has changed, but I’m so super grateful, and all areas of spiritual health, financial health, mental, and mindset health, and emotional health, and I’m just so super, super grateful.

Phillipa: Yeah. Amazing. Amazing. And I know some of your story and I’d love for you to share with us, obviously not the entire story, because we know that it’s a really big story, but a little bit about where you were at before joining the community and what specifically, maybe a couple of things that have specifically changed for you since being part of the community.

Serena: Absolutely. So rewind just over two years ago, and I was working in a traditional network marketing business model. At that time it was really, it didn’t have a system or a strategy to really support me. It didn’t have an environment to really bring out the gifts that I really had. At that time I was working with a low level strategy, a low ticket item, which meant low level commissions. And when you don’t have a system and a strategy to really support you to be able to really generate big numbers, for all of the output, I was putting so much in for minimal reward. And that lead me to a place, I was really burnt out. I was hustling, I had a quota to get 500 customers every single month.

If I really wanted that freedom income that I always set that intention. That was what I was always working towards, really creating that life by design. And that particular vehicle for me just was not supporting me to really get to where I wanted to go. I was a leader in that space, but working with that strategy with that low level strategy and the low profit that just lead me into a place of low vibration myself. Of stress, of scarcity, of lack, of not having systems and all of that. The combination of that really, my relationship with money just went really down internally. I fell into that low vibe and that started to really reflect in my outer world. I was manifesting more stress, more lack and more scarcity.

And it actually got to the point just over two years ago, I nearly lost everything. So I nearly lost my home, my car, and I really couldn’t even pay for food for my four children. So, I knew there had to be a better way. I saw other people in the online space that were really moving with the times they were evolving. They were talking about digital and they were talking about online systems and strategies. And I prayed to God, to source, to the universe for a miracle and this incredible community was placed in front of me. So I stepped out of this space of everything that was low and stepped into, an expensive space and community and from there. So that was just over two years ago, everything radically started to shift. I started to create the wealth that I had always set my intentions for, I had always set my goals for a found a system to support me to do that and an incredible community also to ignite my gifts and support me to really just go from scarcity and stressed, to abundance and thriving.

And this happened really quickly. And from there it’s just elevated more and more and more. And now there’s just whole nother level. Now that the wealth that I’ve been able to create has really changed my family’s future forever, I’m super, super grateful. The impact that I have now and the gifts that I’ve been able to offer so many other people and see them winning and thriving and radically changing their lives has just been phenomenal.

Phillipa: So good. So being a single mother of four, going from your network marketing business, where you were a leader in that space to then pivoting and switching and changing and going into something different, what was scary about that change? Was there anything scary about that change?

Serena: Yes, absolutely. There was, for me being a leader in a space, I had a lot of stories coming up, around people, looking at me and thinking, “Oh what’s she doing now,” or “has she changed? Is she going to be doing something else?” I had a lot of stories coming up around fear of judgment, again, fear of failure, fear that it wasn’t going to work because, the vehicle that I’d been in wasn’t supporting me. I wasn’t getting the results that I was putting the effort in for, because there was a complete misalignment there. So I had a lot of that stuff going on, but what I came to realize very quickly was that that was my stuff. That was actually my internal stuff.

And that I actually got to really lean into that fear, push through that fear and just take action. I really felt into my intuition and I let my intuition guide me. I feel like I’ve been resisting my intuition for such a long time because I was so determined to make it work. When I was with a model that was, really spiraling me down, it wasn’t moving with the times and it wasn’t supporting me. I had the stubbornness of, “I’m just going to make it work no matter what.” My intuition was like screaming at me, you’re so out of alignment, this is not serving you. It’s not getting you where you need to be. You’re burnt out, you’re hustling, you’re doing all these things like spamming people and harassing people and all these things that don’t feel good.

I just pushed and pushed and pushed. And so, I let go of those, I leaned into the fear and I just took action. My intuition really was telling me everything felt so good. Everything felt in flow. I’d found something that was what I’d been looking for the last six years in my traditional network marketing space, a powerful system and strategy to support me, to take me to where I wanted to go. Then, something that was duplicatable that I could share with others, so they could create the same success by following a step by step system an incredible community that embodies the law of attraction that embodies, growing from within that is, a new paradigm in business, 80% inner work 20% strategy.

All of those fears of judgment got dissolved very quickly because all of those people saw the shifts in me. They felt the shifts in me. They felt the energy, they felt something had changed. They saw it with their own eyes. And that was enough, for so many people that had watched me for so many years go, “We’ve been watching you and whatever you’re doing now, we want to know more because there’s something that has shifted so big in you.” And that truly is a Testament to this incredible online community, because that has not only happened for me. I have a huge group within this space and that is the comments that we get all the time. People feel the shifts, people see the shifts, people’s lives are transforming and they are transforming upwardly and expanding every day. And so it actually had the opposite effect of where I had more people that were just going, “Oh my God, whatever you are doing now I have to do it. I have to be part of this.” They could just feel it.

Phillipa: Yes, your energy is so magnetic.

Serena: Thank you.

Phillipa: So at the Freedom Era, we focus on seven steps to creating a thriving business online. Tell us why you feel these seven steps are crucial as a business owner, no matter what you are selling.

Serena: Absolutely. The seven steps really are incredible and embodiment of those. It’s just a formula for success. It’s a formula that creates magic and it’s simple. It’s super simple and super easy to follow. Having the high profit for me, transitioning out of low profit to high profit, made a radical, radical shift in my life. It created wealth that made such an impact and it’s continuing to make a massive impact. Really I’m actually putting less energy in now to make high, high profits sales, as opposed to making, $10 to $20 per sale, because we now have the rest of the seven pillars being the system, the skillset, learning skillsets step by step, that will give you a paycheck for life. Having automation built into an incredible system so that you really get to work in your genius.

You get to work on yourself. It really is whatever’s happening internally. You will only grow your business to the level that you grow yourself. The more work that I do on me internally, which, when you’ve got automation and you’ve got skillsets and an incredible system and community supporting that, you have the time to do that. That is where when you put it all together, the community, the high vibe, the automation, the skillsets, really a space that you get to be you and you get to just shine and be yourself and attract people like a magnet to you. Then you’re rewarded with high profit, that just ticks every single box possible. For me, truly, when I first experienced the seven pillars and went through each of them, it was just so many light bulbs.

This is what’s been missing over my whole six, seven years in the traditional network marketing space. This is what’s been missing. This is what’s been missing and now we have it, and we have it together in this incredible space that just creates magic and creates massive success for people. It truly is to me is a success formula that if followed and implemented it radically changes lives. I see it every single day.

Phillipa: Yes, yes. So many quotable moments in what you just said.

Yeah. And so what does a typical day look like for you in this business? Like what do you do?

Serena: So for me, I have a powerful daily ritual, which, I guess we’d call it a ritual of where, I really embody that inner work, really embodied my energy and my frequency. Your energy, your frequency, and your vibration at truly is your currency. This space has really taught me that. So every single day I do the work around ensuring that my energy and my vibration is at peak state. That is really embodying gratitude. I have gratitude rituals and practices. I get super clear on my vision with journaling and on my intentions for the day. I have some really powerful affirmations that I say, release anything.

Sometimes stuff still comes up, we’re human. And the great thing is that, I now have the tools that when the stuff comes up, whether it’s worry or stress or scarcity or anything like that, I have the tools to release that and let it go. So I ensure that I do those practices every day and really set my day up for success. And then for me, it’s about creating fun content to put out onto social media, whether it’s something funny, whether it’s just sharing some stories or some inspiration or sharing an invitation to connect and just really connecting through online. I also ensure every single day that I’m filling up my own cup. So I do something that I love every single day, which for me, is getting out and immersing myself in nature, whether that is grounding in the grass or going to the beach.

I also exercise. Exercise, for me, makes me feel amazing. It raises my energy and vibration. So I do that every day. And then, I just spend some time, maybe an hour or two, connecting with the group and, having conversations, doing some followup and just some income producing activities. That’s pretty much it and ensure that I have fun. I have a commitment to really work on my relationship with money. So I do that every day and I make that fun because the more fun we have, the more money we make and this community has really taught me that. It’s really taught me to honor me to fill up my cup so that I can really give from the overflow. By doing that every single day, it has had such a compounding effect on me as a person, my success, what I manifest, what I’m able to bring in, It really happens with ease and flow when you’re in that state of elevating your energy, your vibration, combining it with the income producing activities. It’s just such a magic formula.

Phillipa: Super, super powerful. And so what is your vision?

Serena: Yes. So for me, it really is empowering others to know that no matter where you are right now, you get to create your own reality. You get to channel any adversity that you have had in your life into power. And you really get to create a life by design and you get to create a life of fun, of impact, of freedom, of abundance, of limitless wealth. My passion now is to really ignite that greatness within others and just really spread that message globally and inspire and impact as many people to go on that journey. When you find a community that supports you to be your best self, to step in to being the absolute best version of yourself, to create epic wealth, to do all these things like have fun and really honor you and be your authentic self to me, the whole world needs to hear about that.

My vision is to spread that to as many people globally, as I possibly can just ignite greatness and really get people, stepping into being the absolute best version of themselves because we’re all worthy. We’re all born abundant and we get to live lives of pure abundance and fun and freedom and all of that.

Phillipa: Yes, yes. Yes. I love it. What is your advice for someone who is wondering if a high ticket business is for them?

Serena: Yes. Oh my God. I get really passionate about this because I’ve personally experienced both sides of being with low ticket and low profit. The pressure of the amount of people and volume that you have to have coming through your business and the reordering consistently, it’s living in a constant state of almost stress because, $10 to $20 per sale of a product, doesn’t really even put petrol in your car these days. Whereas shifting into high profit and high ticket, it’s such a massive expansion. When you can put in the same amount of energy and effort, sometimes even a little bit less because you have a powerful system and a powerful strategy to support you to actually get those high profit, high ticket sales and earn $1000 – $4,000 per sale, now that made a radical impact in your life. I know when I received my first commission of those types of figures, I was just like, “Oh my God, pinch me now, where has this been all my life?”

So when you’re looking at wanting to create whether it’s a $10,000 a month, whether it’s $100,000 a month, if you are aligned with a high profit, high ticket, high level strategy, it truly hands down gets to be a reality. It really does because that is the reality when you’re working with those bigger numbers, everything is expanded. Everything is 10 X. You get to 10 X your goals, which 10 X’s your results compared to playing the low level strategy, low ticket. It’s just, Oh my God, I can’t even. High ticket, high profit is so where it’s at. If you’re going to enter into the online space, that truly is a non negotiable, I know for me, since I’ve found it, it is like the first thing that I would have to, have to just tick that off the box. Yeah.

Phillipa: Totally.

*Phillipa’s son Easton comes in*

So what, what would be like your final words for those people that are watching and they’re thinking, and they’re umming and ahhing, what will be your final words for them?

Serena: Just say yes. Yes is so, so powerful. Even though I had every fear coming up within me, if your intuition, if something feels good, if something is pulling you towards this online community of something is stirring within, just say, yes, just take action. And on the other side of fear is freedom. And I am living proof of that. As I know, so many people within this space are the same.

When you take action and when you take those steps forward the universe opens doors and pathways that you never thought possible. You go first and the universe will go so much further, but you just have to act. So my advice to anyone that feels something stirring within, feels a bit of a nudge, is to just take action and say yes to you and yes to your dreams.

Phillipa: Yes. Yes. Beautiful advice. Thank you so much for being on with me today. Serena, you have a lovely, amazing day.

Serena: Thank you.