There’s a common theme for most people who join The Freedom Era community…


We have people join us from all walks of life

– stay at home mums and dads
– millenials
– gen X
– gen Y
– blue collar labourers
– corporate city slickers
– unemployed
– from almost every country you can think of

Even though we have such a diverse range of humans in The Freedom Era community, what most have in common?

We are all DONE with the status quo.

Done with the status quo of finishing high school/college, going to University for a few years, getting a good job, finding a partner to settle down with and marry, have a couple of kids and back to the job again.

It sounds pretty good on paper. It’s safe, you’re secure (or so you thought).

A lot of people have found that they just don’t fit into the status quo though, and have beaten themselves up because they just can’t seem to live that “perfect life”.

You see, when people join The Freedom Era, it’s difficult sometimes for them to fully grasp the concept of something different because all they’ve known is status quo.
The status quo has been drummed into them since they were children!

Also, it’s a huge breath of fresh air when you finally come to terms that there IS a different way to live life, and that other people are actually going against the grain and doing life on THEIR terms.

No more clocking in and out.
No more of this “you’re too experienced” BS employers tell older generations so they don’t have to hire them.
No more “you don’t have enough experience”.
No more not being good enough, pretty enough, successful enough.

When you join The Freedom Era community, you’re home, no matter who you are or where you’ve come from.

Because we believe in self-expression over toeing the line and we are committed to helping 1,000,000 people by 2025 live life on their terms, refusing to accept the status quo.

So whatever that means for you? We’re here to help you with that.


Let us know in the comments, what does it look like for you to live life on your terms?

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