The face of business has changed forever. It’s no longer a corporation that people are purchasing from… people are purchasing from people they know, like, love and trust. 


People care about WHO you are, not what you sell. They care about the person not the product. Connection is valued created than ever before. 


It’s why, right now, those in the online space have been able to pivot FAST…because people are connected to THEM, not necessarily to what they sell.


Think about the people you follow online, the ones who stand out in the online space. What do they all have in common?


They likely have a community, a following, something that calls you all in together. 


Humans need connection and they are connected to PEOPLE, not things. 


Building a personal brand means you can PIVOT when the economy changes, PIVOT when industries collapse, PIVOT when things no longer work for you. Building a personal brand means people are connected, buying from, and following YOU..not what you do.


Now more than ever is the time to lay the foundations for your personal brand. 


This is one of our key focuses here at The Freedom Era.