Looking to go online and not sure what industries are fully thriving right now? 


While so many businesses are needing to pivot and do so quickly there are some industries that are BOOMING right now.


  1. Health, Wellness, Sustainability 
  2. Work from home has gone up by 600% on google searches 
  3. Education that teaches people how to go online


The businesses that will not only survive but completely thrive right now are those that can really solve the problems of their clients. 


This is a great time to be focusing on building an audience, building trust, creating a lot of value in the marketplace and solving peoples problems.


When you can do this you will have no issues with gaining clients / customers.


Have your question each day be: What value can I give to the world today that’s relevant to my offer? And have a think about – are you in an industry that is thriving during these current economic times? If not you may want to start thinking about having a side hustle in these industries above.