There are 7 pillars that we have tried and tested over and over and over again. We have found that if you don’t have one of these pillars in business you are likely to end up confused and overwhelmed.


These 7 pillars are:

 1. Leverage High Ticket Items so that you can create a high profit – high impact business

2. Skill set so that you can know how to attract people to your offer rather than having to spam prospects. It’s important to know both paid and organic traffic

3. Automation so that you can focus on front end marketing and let a marketing funnel do the rest for you

4. Building an authentic personal brand. The face of business has changed, 40% of people are now purchasing from people they know, like, love and trust. Even if you have never been online before you can learn the strategies to build authority, credibility and get paid to be YOU with offers that people want, need and love.

5. Inner work – Your external environment is a direct reflection of what’s going on within.

6. Mentorship and proximity. Mentorship is everything. By surrounding yourself with people that have gone before you and have created multiple 6,7,8 figures in the online space it means that you

7. A High Vibe Community that actually supports you, that rally behind your vision, that are about collaboration over competition. Have you ever heard that you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around? Who and what you surround yourself with MATTERS. 

These seven pillars we have literally tried and tested COUNTLESS times (and continue to do so) and have found that ensuring all of these are covered creates the business, and LIFE you desire. 

If you would like to know more about these pillars reach out to the person who told you about The Freedom Era and ask for our masterclass. 

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