Social media experts like Gary Vee and Kerwin Rae have been saying for years.. ‘now is the time to go online’, ‘now is the time to create a personal brand’. 

And maybe you have decided that it’s only for ‘people like them’…

…or maybe you haven’t and you have now gone online. Either way now is the time more than EVER where we, as ‘everyday people’, have the opportunity to do so. 

In fact the NEED to do so. 


Going online is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. 


In five years time you can look back on now and wish you had gotten started online, spent time building up a personal brand, learnt HOW to leverage the online space and pivoted. OR…you can become a part of the 1% of people doing this right now. 

(did you know 99% of people are only scrolling Facebook? They haven’t realised that you can actually earn more than a CEO online…that’s exciting !!! It means there is SO much space for YOU to realise and do exactly that).

Businesses are being forced to pivot, people have lost their jobs, entire industries have been wiped out and there is no such thing as income security. 

People that once thought of their job as security are now realising this is not the case. 

You’re being called to take your life into your own hands, become self sustainable and set up our own assets to fully rely on YOU for your income. 


At The Freedom Era we teach you how to go online, get paid for leveraging high ticket items and build your personal brand!